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August 25, 2017

6 ‘Fashionable’ TV Shows To Unleash The Fashion-holic In YOU!

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Imagine you have just begun watching a brand new show, the first thing us girls begin to notice is probably the story line, pretty girls and hot guys. But more than that we start noticing the costumes and soon they begin to have major impacts on our lives, our clothes and our hairstyles as we google makeup tutorials and raid online shops.

Being fashionable in today’s day and age might be hard as the idea of fashion might be different for each one out there, but shows somehow manage to get all of us at an equal consensus as we see our favourite stars wearing a pair of bell bottom jeans and we know that that is our idea of fashion.

Here is a list of 7 shows that you must follow if you’re intent on wrecking havoc on the fashion streets.

#1 That 70s show

Re-watch the show that got Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher together and watch Jackie as she parades around the city wearing her cowgirl clothes and soon you will be more than convinced to be “That 70s Chick”

#2 New Girl

Jess made dorky glasses and peter pan collared shirts hot again. Her striped tshirts and her hipster wardrobe will make even you want to exchange your wardrobe with her or maybe start sporting dorky glasses.

#3 Glee

Glee danced and sang into our hearts as one of the most beautiful shows ever put up. With Rachel Berry’s kilt skirts and long socks and Sue’s Adidas track suits, how could one ever contemplate how a singing and dancing group would become our favourite even in fashion.

#4 Pretty Little Liars

I can honestly go on and on about this show as it happens to be my favourite, With Hanna’s fashionista looks, Aria’s Boho gothic looks, Emily “too cool for school” look and Spencer’s “Always dressed decently” looks, you find a variety of fashion in this show like no other and you will soon find your pick in any one of these as they parade through a horrific yet amazing suspense.

#5 The OC

As we struggle through middle school, OC bought to us cute summer dresses and boho chick looks, which seemed like paradise to us as we struggled with puberty. The Laguna Beach teens were pretty well dressed throughout their entire show providing quite a lot of inspiration.

#6 Revenge

With its twisted plot and interesting story, Revenge also brings to us an Emmy Award winning costume designer. With Ashley Madekwe’s amazing dressing sense, people are so much in love with the body hugging dresses that Revenge is even getting its own accessory and clothing line. Wow!

#7 Gossip Girl

Well! This has to be last as you have to agree that Gossip Girl not only rules the Upper East Side but it also rules the world of fashion on television. People managed to find inspiration from Serena’s skimpy and boho clothing with body hugging t-shirts while some found fondness in Blaire’s sophisticated and well-tailored dresses and trademarks headband.

Featured Image Source: https://www.nubimagazine.com

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