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August 14, 2016

6 Exotic Places in India Where You Can Enjoy in Less Than INR 10,000

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Short trips in India

For many of us, traveling is a part of our wishes and bucket list. It is always at the back of our head to travel or to start saving for it. But for many people, the wish stays unfulfilled. We work for years but we never invest because we fear that if we would use this money and one day when in need, we will have nothing, then what to do? These exotic places in India will make you think twice about your thought.

But for how long will we keep thinking like that! Traveling does not only mean going abroad. Neither to book expensive flights or luxury hotels! The pure essence of happiness comes from traveling light and free. Travel to places where you don’t have to carry a huge budget or will always be in confused on your spendthrifts during your trip.

Rather travel to places where you feel happy and tension-free. To places where you do not have to worry on the budge!

In this article, we will cover some amazing places in India where you can have a memorable trip with less than ten thousand rupees in your pocket.

#1 Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Found in a remote place in North East, Mawsynram is the perfect place to escape the scorching hot summer sun. A small town found on the mountains Mawsynram, is the perfect place for adventurers.  An ideal place for a quick trip with less than five thousand per week! Therefore start planning and enjoy life. Check out what to do in Meghalaya.

#2 Kodaikanal

The typical filmy destination found 2000m above the sea level! A blissful heaven! Book your next train ticket to Dindigul station and plus save two thousand rather than booking to Kodaikanal station.  It is the place where you will enjoy a scenic view of the cliffs, valleys and forest along with waterfalls and hills. Kodaikanal also gives you the opportunity to be adventurous and fun with a very cheap and memorable trip.

#3 Kodagu, Karnataka

Have a nice trip with the Corgi community, the nicest people you will ever encounter. Kodagu is easily accessible from Mysore via a short bus ride. A place filled with greenery, coffee plantations and memorable walks in the fields. By the evening, enjoy a nice cup of traditional local coffee while watching a beautiful sunset.  Kodagu is the ideal place if you love a good meal with alcohol because these two are very cheap and affordable.

#4 Hampi, Karnataka

Found in between two rivers Hampi is the ideal hangout for a quick and super fun trip. When we speak about fun with cheap price, Hampi is the preferable choice. A quite village lost among the ruins of the ancient civilization and today covered with greeneries and lakes. The place offers very affordable guesthouse, can be a room for five to six people for only INR 500 per day. Another amazing thing is the several restaurants lined up along the riverside which is specially designed to give you the perfect feeling of the ‘hippie lifestyle’.  For Hampi, even INR10, 000 will be too much for a whole month!

#5 Matheran, Maharashtra

Love trekking? If yes, then Matheran is your perfect place to be. Book your train ticket to Neral Station, and then hop on the toy train to Matheran. Enjoy the scenic view on the way. Don’t forget your camera for capturing those natural beauties. If you like hills and trekking then bring on your sports shoes and set on a wonderful journey across Matheran. A perfect one week trip with just INR 3500!

#6 Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

You will never regret a trip to Ziro, a virgin valley lying in the hidden part of Arunachal Pradesh.  Book your train till the Tezpur valley then hop on a bus to Ziro. A place where you never feel a lack of money neither you will be tensed about your budget.  As you can enjoy a whole week vacation with a family with just INR 500 in pockets!

We wish you Bon Voyage!

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