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August 18, 2016

6 Most Enchanting Real-life Destinations Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

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Did you ever wish to visit a certain place after you read the book? Did the author’s mesmerizing words got you in love with the land of  fairy tales? I could not get much of  Harry Potter and Hogwarts even after visiting the Disney Studios in London and really wished if the place existed in real and I could just enroll myself.

Well a lot of  famous fairytales have some exquisite destinations  described in them, and no wonder the author’s imagination is helped with the really existing places. Don’t be surprised if I tell you these places really exist.  Peter Pan, Cinderella and many more have just been waiting for you to visit your dream land and it seems as though time has stood still in all these places just for you…

So all those fairy tale junkies pack your bags and plan your vacations while having a visionary delight of these exotic places.


The Beauty and the Beast’s plot can be recreated and proved from its original version written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont who was born in Rouen, France. The dark forest and the Beast’s  Castle as depicted in the movie and the original is  the Black Forest of Germany and  Chateau de Chambord respectively.


Tinker Bell and Strange Magic and a lot of enchanting , magical and mystical stories have been dated back to Ireland especially to the western coast. The abandoned islands of Ireland have kept the magical fairy tales alive yet today.


Germany has hosted a lot of fairy tales destinations also being a major tourist destination; the Lohr Castle is the real destination straight out of the Grimm’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  and guess what they have even got the Mirror , Mirror  on the wall…


Well Carlo Collodi never lied; not at least the plot of Pinocchio , the plot of Pinocchio’s village the quaint narrow cobbled streets and higgledy-piggledy houses are almost exact and guess what they even have a Pinocchio Park here.


Guess what whilst I was busy hunting some exotic fairy tale destinations for you, I found my favorite, the actual Diagon Alley  from Harry Potter , except you wont find any owls or magic wands for sale!


Cindrella ‘s enchantic castle  and many fairly tales including the Alps of Switzerland  have  been described in a lot of fairy tales and the architecture of is a small town in Bern is of Fairy tale style is worth visiting.

So pack your bags and all the magic stuff and get ready to get enchanted…

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