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August 27, 2017

6 Easy Ways to Avoid Wrinkles

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olive oil

Unknowingly, all human beings want to look young and refreshing even after ages. The secret to look young is to avoid the wrinkles forming on the face.

Now we will all have a question in mind as how are wrinkles formed? It’s because of the diminishing epidermis on the top layer of skin due to lack of moisture. The supporting dermis and subcutaneous layers do not help epidermis to hold moisture as they do at young ages.

Let us get ready to scroll down to check easy ways to remove wrinkles and keep skin always refreshing.

#1 Treating skin with Olive oil

Olive oil has natural antioxidants like vitamin E and Vitamin A. They help to moisturize the skin and regenerate dead cells. It is simple and available in all stationery shops.

olive oil

#2 Ginger – Natural healer

Ginger is also an anti-oxidant helping to regenerate dead cells. Ginger tea can be consumed occasionally. Also, Ginger can be smashed and made to boil with water. This helps for good digestion and keeps the body fit. When inner parts of the body are fit then outer beauty will automatically be enhanced.


#3 Water – Gift for all ailments

Water can be a medicine for all types of diseases. But do you know water also helps to refresh skin? The face can be washed repeatedly every 1 hour to keep the day refreshing. But it also helps to rejuvenate the skin better and keeps us young always. Hence drinking water is more important and washing face with water is equally important for healthy inner and outer beauty.

Drinking Water

#4 Stop smoking

Smoking is always injurious to active and passive smokers. Hence avoiding smoking is good for health.

But how do this help for skin replenishment – Yes, it does. Smoking causes old and new cells to degenerate faster than it should be. Hence it is one of the main factors for spoiling outer beauty. Stopping smoking can lead to good results especially wrinkles forming under the eye.

Stop smoking

#5 Get Adequate sleep

Sleeping 8-9 hours daily leads to good health benefits. It keep us fit and completely out of pain. Bathing after good sleep will keep ourself and our skin completely refreshing.

Each individual has different sleep requirements. Check your sleeping requirements.

adequate sleep

#6 Mashed Ripened Bananas

Natural beauty therapies like home-made smashed bananas can adds beauty to the skin.  Ripened bananas should be taken and smashed fully. It should then be applied all over face and leaving it for 20minutes twice a week will yield beautiful skin effects.

Ripe Banana

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