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August 27, 2017

6 Crucial Eating Out Tips You Must Never Forget

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We love eating out and with the rise of the hotel industry in India; going to a restaurant has become a weekly affair. The food that we eat out contains high calories, salt and sugar levels which can lead to obesity, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. And unfortunately, more and more young children are being diagnosed with childhood obesity.

Eating out has become a lifestyle habit and we know it is hard to let-go of this habit. While it is advisable to eat more home food; we also list 6 eating out tips that will be less toxic to the body and reduce the risk of lifestyle disorders

#6 Drink Water

Drink two glasses of water half an hour before going out. As weird as it sounds, it really helps as it gives an illusion of already full stomach and you will overeat less. Also, don’t drink water during meal and till half an hour after the meal.


#5 Eat a bowl full of fruit or vegetable

Eat a bowl of fruit or vegetable or mixed salad 45 minutes to an hour before going out. It works on the same principle as above. Make it sound and taste better by adding chicken or egg if you eat non-veg food or paneer or tofu. Also, add your favorite dressing to it and indulge yourself in a healthy and yummy meal.


#4 Say No to Ajino Moto

Eating Chinese? Just say no to Ajino moto. And also ask the cook to put less dragon red color in the food.


#3 Drink Soup

Drink a soup and eat high protein starters such as chicken, paneer instead of spring roll and vegetable crispy. This would fill up your stomach in an instant and you’d not put on that much weight either.


#2 Say No to Soft Drinks

Don’t drink soft drinks or high drinks with meals, it will have very negative effects on the body. It is one of the major causes of diabetes.

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#1 Choose Roti over Naan

Choose a roti instead of naan. I know the quantity of naan is more, but roti is slightly more nutritious than naan.

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