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August 27, 2017

6 Craziest Celebrity Insurances

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Nobody desires to lose a rainmaker. This is the reason that a few companies have insured celebrities who make their brands excel. But things become very strange very rapidly when it is with regard to the fundamentals of celebrity coverage. Below are a few of the most preposterous celebrity endorsements just for you.

Insuring dazzling smile and albums which have a cover picture of gracing legs for millions the next thing for insurance you can expect but surprised are taste buds. Yes, you heard right – a tea-taster for Tetley has done just that.

#1 Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis claims that he is able to identify a good cup in mere 15 seconds. He further adds that tea blending is “a fine art”, and hence has got his taste buds covered for a massive £1 million to safeguard his vocation.

#2 Kylie Minogue

Celebrity Kylie Ann Minogue is a well-known Australian singer, songwriter, recording artist, actress, and showgirl. She was recognized in a big way for her TV soap role in opera Neighbors.  Later on, she became a recording artist and her first solitary, named “Locomotion”, was on the number 1 spot for 7 weeks on the Australian chart. This became the best-selling single of that decade.  She has insured her butt for $5 Million.

#3 Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, the famous country singer is famous for her voice as well as her platinum-blond hair and her hits are “Jolene” and “9 to 5”. Apart from this, she is also known far and wide for her breasts which measure 40DD.  In fact, she has insured each of her breasts for $300,000 which makes a total huge sum of $600,000.

 #4 Troy Polamalu’s Hair

Troy Polamalu has insured his hairs. Yes, you read that correctly. Not the legs or even the shoulders neither the hands, but the football player has got his hair covered. Proctor & Gamble the famous shampoo makers have insured his curly locks for $1 million, following the signing of a backing deal with Head and Shoulders. He has not cut his hair for more than ten years, and with a price label like that; he almost certainly will not go anywhere near a barber anytime in the near future.

#5 Heidi Klum’s Legs

When she began modeling her legs for Epilady the razor brand Braun allegedly insured for $1.6 million. But wait there is still a strange tidbit. Her right leg is insured for $200,000 which is more than the left since she has a small scar on the left leg. She stated that because the primary policy was instated, the sum of coverage has mounted to $2 million.

#6 America Ferrera’s Smile

Aquafresh discovered a lot of perspective in America Ferrera’s shiny teeth. They anticipated making so much income from her celebrity backing that they insured her smile for $10 million. This was in part to collect money for a charity known as Smiles for Success. That’s a cute and great reason to smile, is it not?

Featured Image Source: drjillsmithbeautyblog.com

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