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May 6, 2016

6 Collar Names we bet you didn’t know!

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Know Thy Collar

We all love our crisp classic shirt, and it most certainly is a must have in our wardrobe. What many of us do not know is what collar type are we wearing? There are about 6 major collar types and all are distinctive in their own way.  A collar most importantly determines the shirt’s amount of formality and aids in gratifying the wearer’s face.

#1 Classic

This is the most common shirt collar; it gives a clean classic look.  This type of a collar works for both formal and casual looks. The collar is a safe bet and suits almost all face and body types as well.

#2 Spread

Spread collar type basically determines the spread between the two ends of the collar and the spacing. More the spread, more are your abilities of wearing a junky thick tie. The collar also has a broader collar cutting edge that is predominantly very well -suited with a jacket.

#3 Mandarin

Mandarin is a shorter version of the usual collar type; it generally is a collar-no collar look. The collar stands upright up to 2-2.5 centimetres to the neck. It is a more western version of the Chinese mandarin collar.

#4 Club

This collar is inspired from the early 20’s when the club or rounded Eton collar was considered to be an elite kind of men mainstay in clothing. The collar is rounded from the bottom.

#5 Wing Tip

The collar is specially used in men’s formal clothing. The collar resembles a pair of wings. The end of it is supposed to be sharp and pointed. The spread of a wing tip collar is comparatively less than the other types.

#6 Button Down

A button down collar holds a button unto the shirt to which the collar is placed. Legend says, this genre of the collar was structured to help polo players in keeping their collars tied to their shirts. These kinds of collars are more casual than formal.



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