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March 12, 2016

6 Brave Women In Armed Forces Who Empower

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Divya Ajith - women in armed forces

Armed forces make us proud of individuals who put nation before themselves. Because of these brave hearts, we sleep at night peacefully. Unfortunately, the term protection is a duty that a man has to fulfill. With ease, we forget that it is the mother who protects her young ones from any danger they foresee. Then why do we feel that joining armed forces is for men? Meet these six women in armed forces who have successfully broken the gender stereotype and our protecting us.

#1 Lt. Col Sophia Qureshi

She has achieved the rare feat. She is the first woman officer to lead a training contingent of the Indian Army at Force 18- ASEAN Plus multinational field training at Pune. She was a military observer and was part of the second batch of women officers who were a team at the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She was also an active participant in the Operation Parakram on Punjab borders. She is a mother of an 8 years old boy and proudly acknowledges that army life has taught her how to manage both her duty and home efficiently.

Sophia Qureshi - women in armed forces


#2 Anjana Bhaduria

It was her dream since childhood to put on her uniform and serve the nation. She joined the army after her post-graduation. She created a history by joining the first ever Indian women cadet batch and securing a gold medal in her course, thereby effectively securing the service number of 00001. She served the Indian army for 10 years.

Anjana Bhaduria - women in armed forces


#3 Divya Ajith

She is the first ever women officer in India to be selected for Sword of Honour. This Chennai-based girl had to beat 244 fellow men and women cadets to win the Best All-Round Cadet award and received the highest award given to cadets undergoing officer training; the Sword of Honour.

Divya Ajith - women in armed forces


#4 Lieutenant Ganeve Lalji

This young Intelligence officer is the first women in India who has been appointed as the key aid to an Army Commander.

women in armed forces

#5 Punita Arora

She is the first women in India to have secured the second highest rank in army and navy. She became the Lieutenant General of Indian Armed Forces and the first female Vice Admiral of Indian Navy. She has been awarded a total of 15 awards in her 36 years of service in the Indian Armed Forces.

Punita Arora - women in armed forces


#6 Pooja Thakur

In 2015, on Republic Day, Wing Commander Pooja Thakur became the first woman to lead the ceremonial Guard of Honour in the presence of U.S. President Barack Obama. She is an active Para jumper and an adventure sports enthusiast.

Pooja Thakur - women in armed forces


These were some of the most incredible women in armed forces who did their best in their field and made every Indian proud. They are the inspirations to every little girl out there who has big dreams and want to achieve big and make her parents proud. We talk about women empowerment and we are glad that our country is really doing its bit to help and raise women. These women in armed forces prove that women have no limits of success.

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