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February 6, 2017

6 Braid Hairstyles to Your Rescue

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Braids have always been in fashion no matter which generation or time we talk about. Braids is that style which has like water, fit itself into the contemporary times. They are perfect for every occasion. At times people complain that braids are difficult to make and are time consuming therefore we bring you quick and easy braid styles for your hair.

These are easy to make braids and do not take much time if you follow the instructions and do it right.

#1 French Braid

This is probably the most widely popular braid and unlike many of us think, it is actually very easy to make. Back brush your hair thoroughly and make a V with your comb from your temple down to the crown and take three separate strands of equal width and start braiding by taking more hair from the sides as you keep going downward.

#2 Fishtail Braid

The one next to or even equally adored braid is the fishtail. This is a very delicate braid but extremely easy to make. Divide your hair into two sections and adding more hair from the ends as you go down just braid one on top of another.

#3 Dutch/Inverted Braid

This is a beautiful braid and can also be done along with the French or fishtail. It will make you look extremely elegant and goes well with ethnic wear as well as western wear like gowns or anything flowy and dreamy.

#4 Waterfall Braid

As amazing as the name sounds this braid when done right looks so very beautiful on girls. It can be done on hair of all lengths except pixies, of course. It looks as soothing as flowing water and is an easy to do braid.

#5 Rope Braid

This is a braid which gives your look an edge. Make a tight ponytail or horsetail and then dividing the hair in two sections start braiding tightly. It is a beautiful braid which makes you look strong as well as is perfect for outdoor activities.

#6 Halo Braid

This one as the name suggests is sure to make you look like and angel. Wear this style with a saree or a long gown or anarkali. Middle part all of your hair and start braiding right from the nape of the neck if someone is braiding your hair and if you are doing it yourself, start from the front so that you can see it, and keep braiding till you complete all of your hair making it look like a hair band.

Try these and be ready for that perfect party or office look. Happy hairstyling!

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