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September 12, 2016

6 Best Murder Mystery Novels of All Times

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One of the greatest joys of life is reading a good, thrilling murder mystery novel and triggering your brain simultaneously to unravel the killer. Imagine yourself being heavily drawn into a murder mystery. Imagine yourself as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot building the case with every new found evidence. Thrilling, isn’t?  Well, that’s what murder mystery novels do to the reader. The mere excitement to know ‘who did it’ will make you cancel on friends, renounce other joys and quit going to bed at a decent hour! The rush of adrenaline towards the end, the horrors of raveling the misdoings on the part of the killer, the pent-up emotions, are all very overwhelming. Are you ready to get lost in some mystery? Buckle up because you are about to know about the best murder mystery novels of all times!

 #1 And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

One of the best murder mystery novels revolving around ten people who are summoned to an island by a millionaire friend unknown to all! All ten are marked for death and slowly the dirty game begins. Is the killer one of them? Or is it someone from the outside? Want to know? Well, hop down to the bookstore and spend some money buying it. It’s worth every dime!

And then there were none best murder mystery novels


#2 Rebecca, Daphne Du Maurier

The novel stands for its brilliant characterization and also grappling mystery revolving the uncanny death of the first wife of Maxim de Winter who marries Rebecca and both trying living with the haunting legacy. Will they be able to? How did the wife die? Maurier definitely has some sleepless nights to gift to the readers. Want to try out what is probably one of the best murder mystery novels that is there?

Rebecca best murder mystery novels


#3 1st to Die, James Patterson

Four women from four different occupations hold the puzzles to the ongoing murders of newlyweds in San Francisco. With indefatigable spirit, they try chasing the killer while simultaneously strengthening the bonds of friendship. Will they be able to catch the killer? Will all four survive? There are several questions to rise but there’s only one answer: You’ve got to read this book.

1st to die best murder mystery novels


#4 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson

It’s been forty years since Harriet Vanger has disappeared. Is she alive? Is she dead? Nobody knows until her uncle Henrik Vanger begins to investigate, assisted by Lisbeth Salander, a twenty year genius with tattoos. Will they be able to? What happened with Harriet? How will the novel end? Seems like you must read this mystery to demystify!

the girl with the dragon tattoo best murder mystery novels


#5 In the Woods, Tana French

A twenty-year-old wound opens up with the murder of a twelve-year-old girl in the woods. The detective of the case also experienced something terrifying in the woods twenty years earlier when three of his childhood friends disappeared while he stood paralyzed, gripping a tree trunk in terror. What happened twenty years ago? What happened to the three lost children? Is there any connection between the murders? Get ready for some nerve-wracking mystery!

In the woods best murder mystery novels


#6 Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie

Heavy snow stops the Orient Express in the middle of Yugoslavia and by morning one passenger is less, stabbed a dozen times. What’s mysterious is that his door is locked from the inside? How did the killer get in then? Hercule Poirot is also aboard. Will he be able to catch the killer? With the most unexpected ending, the novel will give you goose-bumps. Considered one of the best murder mystery novels by the Queen of Crime, this mystery book is a must read.

murder on the orient express best murder mystery novels


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