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February 13, 2016

Fix Those Bad Shots with 6 Amazing Photography Apps

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Gone are those days when we had to carry our bulky cameras with us on vacation. There was always option to buy disposable cameras but they were expensive. In the last few years, smartphones have become a crazy. Every individual owns a smartphone. But while taking clicks with smartphone has eased our lives, bad shots are still a problem. Don’t be disheartened. You can still fix that beloved shot of yours with these 6 amazing apps.



Launched in 2012, the app is available only to iPhone and Windows phone owners. It offers plethora of filters that can make your photos beautiful. If you are a true vintage fan, then we would highly recommend you to buy this app. The app is available for INR 190 and comes with basic filters. You may purchase additional filters later on. Buy the app now from iTunes store.


This app is available to both iPhone and Android users. It is extremely easy to use and is absolutely free! The app lets you edit your picture and add different effects and filter. Get the app on iPhone and Android.

Camera MX

This is exclusively for android users! The user interface is very simple and it gives you excellent results. You can take extremely sharp images and edit them to perfection. It has a cool feature called ‘shoot the past’ which never lets you miss anything! Click here to download the app.


This app has an added advantage on top of being free. It provides you with a platform to not only publish your photograph for free but also get paid for your amazing photography. The application is available to both Android and iPhone users. Oh and did we tell you its free? Click on the link to get the app now on iPhone and Android.


This app gives breath-taking results by letting you add subtle filters. Compare the edited and un-edited versions and never lose the original. The app is currently available to iPhone users and is free. Click on the link to download the app on your iPhone.


This app has been developed by Google and it is suitable for both newbies and pros! The auto-correct feature lets you take a better snap and variety of filters help you create that perfect picture you want to share on Facebook and Twitter. The app is available for free on Android and iPhone. Click on the link to download the app on your iPhone and Android smartphone.

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