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August 27, 2017

5 Witty Adam Sandler Movies You Must Watch

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Adam Sandler

Our favorite kooky and wild hysterical man, Adam Sandler turns 50 today. Known for his goofiness and comic roles, he does not shy away from making fun of himself. He started his career with The Cosby Show and went on become a writer for Saturday Night Live Show. He is not only a great comedian and writer but is also a film producer and musician.

He has given a number of romantic-comedy hits but these 5 movies are wittiest and must be added to your movies watchlist.

#6 Happy Gilmore

Sandler portrays the role of a rejected ice hockey player who applies his skills to play golf and save his grandmother’s home.

#5 Little Nicky

Little Nicky is my second favorite Adam Sandler movie. He plays the Devil’s son, Nicky, who tries to dole out his brothers, Adrian and Cassius from Earth back to Hell.

#4 The Waterboy

Adam is a 31 years old man who is thrown out from his job as the water boy of a championship football team. He later joins as a water boy for a losing football team and goes on to become a successful linebacker and helps his football team win the championship.

#3 Anger Management

Sandler who works as a secretary has anger issues because of a childhood incident. On his flight to attend a business meeting, he looses his cool on the flight attendant. The judge sends Sandler to anger management classes where he meets Jack Nicholson, the most aggressive instructor ever.

#2 50 First Dates

Adam plays Henry Roth, living in a Hawaiian utopia fenced with endless women with no strings attached, until he meets someone and discovers she has short term memory loss problem and forgets him the very next day. 50 First Dates, is a story about winning over the girl of your dreams in spite of this mess.

#1 Just Go With It

Sandler is a plastic surgeon who convinces his obedient assistant to fake as his any minute now to be divorced partner, just to cover up a careless lie he unfolded in front of his much modern younger sweetheart.

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