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August 21, 2016

5 Ways To Give Your Old Dresses Refreshing Look

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One of the biggest fears we have is repeating the same clothes again and again in parties. But, buying jeans or dresses for every new occasion is not friendly to our bank account. So, what option do we have other than ending up wearing the same old clothes? Little innovation will make the difference. You don’t have to wear boring old clothes or empty your bank balance either. Why go through these things when you can give your old dress a refreshing new look with a simple twist? That is probably the dream of every girl!

#1 Turn Your Jeans Into Shorts

Thinking of getting rid of your favorite old blue jeans which you’ve worn for the million times? But, you’re feeling really sad to throw it out. Well, you may not have to throw it away when you can alter its looks. In this way, you can still wear your favorite jeans and don’t have to fear of repeating the same looks. Watch this video and know how to change your jeans into cute shorts.

#2 Design Your Own Distressed Jeans

So, now you’re thinking you have to dump your dear old jeans just because you’re not a shorts type of girl. Let me prove it wrong. I’ll say wake up the rock chick within you and sport distressed jeans without spending money to buy one. Yes! You can change your regular jeans into ripped jeans with the help of a pair of scissor and tweezers.

#3 From The Skirt, To The Dress

You’re so sick of your same old maxi skirt. Am I right? Will you be still sick of it if you can wear it as a cute summer dress? No need to roll your eyes, it is possible.

#4 Customize Your Tees

Since the time you’ve joined the gym and lost a few pounds, you are swimming into your old t-shirts. It’s like they’re wearing you and not the other way around. Calm down. You don’t have to run to the shopping mall to buy new tees. You won’t believe how easy it is to change your t-shirts into tank tops. Go ahead and watch the video to learn it.

#5 Add Twist To Your Sari

You have only one or two saris in your wardrobe and you have learned to wear a sari in Bengali way or in Marathi way or in Gujarati way so that you don’t look boring wearing the same sari again and again. But, I can bet you didn’t know wearing a sari in the ‘dress way’. To learn this simple trick watch this video.

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