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August 20, 2016

5 Useful Safety Apps for Women

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Women's safety

Women are considered to be the backbone of our society. It is only through their contribution and hard work that balance and harmony are maintained at our workspace and home, thus putting an end to dysfunctionality in our system. But lately in the current scenario, women have started being taken for granted and their safety is at risk seeing the various cases in the news and media. So here are 5 useful apps at the disposal of women for their safety.


Being an initiative of Channel V, VithU is an emergency app which works with simple 2 consecutive clicks on the power button of your phone, after which alert messages are sent every 2 minutes to your near and dear ones whom you save as the designated receivers. The message sent to the receiver says – I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.

#2 RAKSHA – Women Safety Alert

The app is launched by BJP and conceptualized by BJP spokesperson, Meenakshi Lekhi. By just pressing a single key, a distress signal sends out a loud buzzer to your contacts. Your designated contacts can see your location and so can you see theirs.

#3 NIRBHAYA – Be Fearless

Nirbhaya : Be Fearless works as an emergency app sends emergency messages and distress call to a list of specified contacts or group in your list. Correct location, information, and communication with and from the app rely upon basic requirements like active data plan, SMS plan, minimum talk time and active GPS.


This mobile- based application is an initiative by the Delhi Police for women safety. It was launched on 1st January 2015 by Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh. Some of its unique features include Shake to alert, Power button alert, Call back by Police control room, Video recording, Soft button alert, SMS alert for family and friends, Victims details, location, time alert on the phone and portal and lastly alert on Facebook.


A personal safety app, Safetipin is co-developed by Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu in collaboration with UK Government’s International Development Department and Ford foundation to name a few. Being slightly different version of a women safety app, it creates a group of friends who share the same interest and gives ratings to a particular place based on security concerns and social activities. Map based view of your neighborhood, community, and city supported by pictures, comments, and safety scores is given by it.

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