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July 23, 2016

5 Unusual Benefits Of Henna

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Henna Benefits

Henna tradition goes back to being as old as 9000 years. In ancient Egypt it was used as cosmetics and is now used universally as a tradition. In the Indian traditional culture itself we associate henna with marriages and any other joyous occasion. Henna comes from a flowering plant and is the sole species of Lawsonia genus. But henna is not just limited to dye or for temporary body art. Here are some unusual benefits of Henna.


Henna is known to be very effective for curing baldness. In a small pan just boil some mustard oil and put some henna leaves in it. Leave it for boiling for a while until all the nutrients in the leaves are mixed with the oil. Lastly when it cools down, strain out the oil and apply it on your scalp to prevent it from balding.


For treating headache you just need to soak henna flowers and leaves in vinegar for an hour. After an hour is over apply it on your temples and keep massaging it thoroughly. This will quickly relieve you of all your headache and at the same time make you feel refreshed.


Summers are here and this is the time when most men and women are infected with heat boils due to the scorching heat and sweating. For treating heat boils you can boil a few henna leaves in plain water and when the water turns lukewarm wash the infected part with it. This in turn will leave with a soothing and cooling effect.


With the approaching summers our hair becomes more oily and greasy with dust and dirt sticking to it easily. This in turn leads to dandruff prone hair. So this time forget your chemical based anti-dandruff shampoos and rather opt for natural ingredients like henna. For this make a mixture of henna with fenugreek seeds and mustard oil, boil it and strain it out. Apply it regularly on your scalp to get rid of irritating dandruff.


Henna is known to treat to burning sensation in feet as well. Soak some fresh henna leaves in vinegar and later place it into a pair of socks, worn them on to the feet and sleep with it overnight. This will help to cool down the burning sensation in your feet.


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