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September 26, 2016

5 Unsung Heroes of The 21st Century

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India as a country boasts of a rich heritage and a diversified culture. It is an amalgamation of different caste, creed and languages. As we stand today as an Independent nation of 69 years, we never forget to pay our regards to the selfless sacrifices and innumerable contributions made by our soldiers and service men. And so here are 5 UNSUNG HEROES of the 21st century whose stories and contributions have remained untold and unheard by the society.


Known as the Road Doctor, Gangadhara Tilak Katnam followed Gandhiji’s philosophy of Be The Change, that you want to see in the world. After retiring from railways and working for a short stint as a consultant for a software agency, he spends most of his time now repairing potholes on Hyderabad’s roads. His car’s backseat always has a bag or two of mixed gravels kept handy to fill the potholes.


Born into a Saree weaver’s family, straight upon his return from completing his college studies, Nandlal Master laid the foundation of his organization by building educational centres for the children engaged in saree weaving and other poor background. The children in his classes were mostly child labours. This initiative of his has made a change in the lives of 500 students till date. His mission is to empower women and abolish child labour.


Once, a blood bank technician in a local city hospital Omkar Nath Sharma has been on the quest of a free medicine bank for the needy and poor people. Famously called as the “Medicine Baba”, he started his mission in the year 2008 and walks everyday around 5-7 kms to procure the non – prescription unused medicines from the rich and relatively well – to – do families and distributes it among the poor. He distributes 4-6 lakhs medicines per month.


Daripalli Ramaiah, famous for being the man, who planted quite more than around 10 million trees, often carries along seeds in his pockets and plants on his cycle in his quest for a pollution free green environment. Apart from planting so many trees and contributing his bit to the environment, he also gives away free plants to people.


A civil engineer by profession, Chewang Norphel is famously known as the “Ice man of India” has built 10 glaciers in Ladakh to help with the problem of water scarcity. Ladakh which has been inundated with negligible or rather scanty rainfall, has seen some relief because of the efforts of Chewang Norphel who’s mission to build artificial glaciers has helped the local people immensely.

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