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February 17, 2017

5 Unorthodox Older Models Who Redefined Fashion For A Generation

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older models: Baddie_Winkle

Life, for models in the fast paced fashion industry, is short. Not every model keeps on working till they hit their 30s or 40s like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Adriana Lima. Most models start at a rather young age and end up retiring by their late 20s. But there are some older models who’ve either been discovered later (much later) and those who have re-written the norms of the fashion industry for better.

We bring you 5 granny models who are not only successful as models but are also great-grandmothers.

#5 Bui Thi Xong – 78

Modelling happened to her by chance. The crinkles on the corner of her cheerful eyes only add to the child-like innocence in her. She was spotted by photographer Rehahn while on a photo shoot in Vietnam. This beautiful photo of Mrs. Xong was used as a cover photo for his book. The photo not only made Rehahn popular but also changed things for Mrs. Xong and now she is one of the famous fifty plus models,

Older Models: Bui Thi Xong


#4 Graciela – 80+

Popularly known as the Cigar Lady’ or ‘Smoking Graciela’, Graciela is the most photographed Cuban woman. The local icon is spotted on the streets of Havana with a cigar in her hand, letting tourists take pictures of her for a few pesos. No wonder she is one of the famous older models! Not everyone can pull off the attitude of the Smoking Garciela.

Older Models: Graciela


#3 Daphne Selfe – 87

Daphne Selfe is the oldest supermodel and as I write this article, she is still plying her trade. Daphne has been modelling since 1949, when she w;as just 21, and she hasn’t looked back since! This woman has been photographed by some of the best and renowned photographers such as Mario Testino and David Bailey. With beautiful long hair and a strict no-no policy to artificial face cream and beauty enhancers like botox, she is the world’s oldest (and also perhaps the prettiest) super model.

Older Models:Daphne Selfe


#2 Helen Ruth Van Winkle – 87

And you thought Instagram was for youngsters? Meet our 87 years old grandmother, popularly known as baddiewinkle, who has  taken the social media by storm with 1.6 million followers on Instagram and around 225k followers on Twitter. BTW, even Rihanna follows her. Isn’t she the coolest grandmother?

Older Models: Helen Ruth Van Winkle


#1 Iris Apfel – 95

“I don’t see anything so wrong with a wrinkle. It’s kind of a badge of courage.” Iris Apfel is a fashionista who ran a successful textile business and served under 9 US presidents as a White House interior decorator. She has a line of punchy makeup for MAC and an affordable jewellery collection for HSN. She is years old and works as a businesswoman, interior designer and as the picture given below in an apparent evidence, a fashion icon.

Older Models:Iris Apfel


These older models are an inspiration to us all. They all take pride in their wrinkles and grey hair and it is from these women that we learn that age is just a number.

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