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June 16, 2016

5 Toys Even Your Grandparents Might Have Played With

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Hot Wheels

We all remember the days when our best friends were our toys and we could go on for hours playing with them. While there are toys that are known to particular generation (like: Hello Kitty); there are toys that not just us but even our parents and grandparents may have played with. We bring you 5 toys that not just you may have played with but were part of your grandparent’s toys collection as well.

#5 Transformers

Transformers Generation 1 toys came into existence around 1984 and were produced by American company Hasbro and Japanese company Takara. The toys became really popular after the popular animated series as well as movies.

#4  Hot wheels

The first Hot Wheels series came into existence in 1968 and was manufactured by American company Mattel. Many car manufacturers have licensed the company to make miniature version of the original cars.

Hot Wheels

#3 G. I. Joe

Because boys don’t play with girls, Hasbro launched G. I. Joe action figures in 1964. The action figures were revamped in 1980s – the key change was action figure size was smaller in scale.

#2 Barbie

One of the most popular toys and one every girl wishes for (atleast most) is Barbie. Barbie is manufactured by Mattel and made its debut in 1954. While over the years, Barbie has been criticized; she is still one of the most popular toys.

Barbie Doll

#1 Yo-yo

One of the oldest toys, Yo-yo has been into existence since Ancient Greece and were used as part of coming to age ceremony. In 1928, the business to sell Yo-yo toys was set up by Pedros Flores in California. In 1932, the first World Yo-Yo Contest was held.

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