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August 17, 2016

5 Tips for College Students To Look Fashionable

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Summer Fashion

Finally, it’s time of the year when the Sun decides to shine in its full glory. Though, we enjoy a few things about Summer; like the cool breeze in the evening, the summer fruits, but sometimes we just wish we could stay at home forever and not get out of the house at all. The Sun will blaze at this time of the year, but don’t let the big fiery star affect your daily routine and show off some awesome style. Here are 5 easy and simple tips to stay fashionable throughout the summer!

#1 Add Color To Your Wardrobe

Summer is the time to play with colors. Make sure you’ve some colorful  tops, skirts and shorts in your wardrobe. Wear contrasting color because colors have the power to make people happier.

#2 Maxi Dress/Skirt Is A Life Saver

Don’t want to go through a painful session of leg waxing? That doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Invest in a few good cotton maxi dresses and skirts. Make sure the dresses and skirts have vibrant colors or prints. Floral and Aztec prints are a big hit in summer.

#3 Oversized T-shirt

An oversized T-shirt is a really comfortable thing to wear in summer. Plus, it gives you a very edgy yet stylish look. Pair it with a short or jeans and rock the street.

#4 Crop Tops

All the fashion lovers know this is the new darling of the fashion world. It looks good with a pair of palazzo pants, better with high waist shorts and best with a maxi skirt.

#5 A Stylish Sunglass

A sunglass adds an extra feather to your appearance. Add a ‘Cat-eye’ sunglass or a ‘Lennon’ sunglass to complete your attire. If you prefer tomboyish looks, investing in a pair of ‘Aviator’ sunglass is a must.

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