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June 20, 2016

5 Times Flights Got Delayed Because of Weird Reasons

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United Airlines

I love travelling but one thing that always gets me when flight gets delayed. While sometimes there are genuine reasons for the delay and there is nothing airlines can do about. There are times when the flights got delayed because unavoidable circumstances but these circumstances will make you laugh hard. We bring you 5 such instances that start from less weird to really weird. Enjoy!

#5 Animal on loose

A dog ensured mayhem reign the Manchester airport by evading security and running loose in the airport. The dog, who was been walked by his owners, managed to slip away and enter the airport. This resulted in flights getting diverted and delayed until the dog was caught.


#4 Got to get home

Service at the John F. Kennedy airport were interrupted and delayed for about an hour when turtles wandered onto the runway in search of their seasonal breeding grounds.


#3 Foodie pilot

A last minute schedule change meant that the captain had to fly a direct flight from Mumbai to Delhi rather than Mumbai-Jodhpur-Delhi. This annoyed the captain, who had made arrangements for Jodhpur’s famous onion kachoris to be delivered to her on the airport.

#2 Lawn chair in the air

A man in Los Angeles sat on a lawn chair which had helium filled attached to it. He floated to a height of 16,000 feet and entered the Los Angeles airport’s airspace. A pilot preparing to land informed the authorities. While the authorities dealt with this situation, all flights were halted.

#1 Answering nature’s call

Gerard Depardieu was told that he could not use the loo while the plane had been waiting to take-off. This didn’t go down well with the French actor who showed his displeasure by urinating on the carpet, in front of other passengers. The flight got delayed by two hours as the jet was forced to return to gate so that it could be cleaned.

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