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September 18, 2016

5 Things Women Look For Online

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Well, it might sound downright crazy, but it is easier to reach the moon than to find the perfect online site that can cater to all women needs. We do admit that we are whimsical and we have terrible mood swings. And with our mood, our choices keep changing which makes it all the more difficult for the online sites.  For us, shopping isn’t always a necessity. We shop when happy, we shop when sad, we shop when bored and we shop for fun. One thing is for sure-“Women just don’t buy stuff, they shop for stuff”. So what exactly are we looking for on online shopping sites? Let us try and decode this really complex puzzle.

#1 New Designs and styles

Now that is the basic thing that we ladies want- a style that can make us happy.  Keeping up with the ever-changing style statements, it is absolutely a mandatory factor that we have to keep ourselves updated with the current style. From the recent trend being spotted on Lady Gaga to Kate Middleton, we ladies want it all. So naturally online sites become our pilgrimage where we look around to get our fashion wishes fulfilled.

#2 Affordability

Now here things can get a bit tricky. Although we want our wardrobes to be updated with the current trends, we want them to go easy on our pockets. Starting from top designer dresses to high-end brands, we want the products or at least similar products but at an affordable rate. And we shop a lot. So online sites have to keep that in mind and give us good products at a real affordable price.

#3 Sizes

Every woman has a different body type. Some women are of a short stature and some are tall. Some are petite and some have a curvaceous body. Our body can even undergo changes with time.  Online sites have to cater to various women body types and sizes. Surely, you don’t want us to go all judgmental and disappointed on not getting things of our own choice in our desired sizes.

#4 Free home delivery

And did I forget to mention that nothing in this world can excite us more than free home deliveries? We love online shopping sites that can give us great products for free delivery.  As it is going to a mall and wasting hours can be very daunting for us. So we are always on the lookout for websites that can offer us great products for free home delivery.

#5 Sale

Last but not the least comes sale. We are always looking for online sales and discounts. A good sale can beat any lover in this world. We can simply spend hours browsing through good offers. So sites which can give us great sales from time to time naturally become our favorite ones.

So to all the shopping sites out there, if you want to impress us, make sure that you fulfill our above five demands. Looking for some online stores other than Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra? Checkout 5 Unknown Online Shopping Websites You Must Visit.

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