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June 18, 2016

5 Surprising yet Unknown Facts about Music

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Facts about Music

Music is something that can calm our souls and bring our minds to peace. There is a music genre for every mood. As pleasing as a piece sounds, there is a lot of dedication and hard work put in by someone. That is how musicians become so great. What we don’t know are some facts behind a music piece created or the creator of that piece. Here are some unknown facts about music we bet you didn’t know and it is sure to blow your mind!

#1 Practice! Practice! Practice

Learning music is definitely not an easy task. Especially learning classical music can take your toll. Practicing for even years wouldn’t make someone a professional. Did you know, A musician generally requires 10000 hours practice to play most songs with ease and 21000 hours to sound like a professional artist . Obviously, it is a varying number but this research is  approximate of different artists. It is only when you are dedicated enough to spend a few thousand hours of your life, no excuses, that you can become a professional classical musician.

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#2 Father of western classical music

Johann Sebastian Bach is considered the Father of western classical music. His music is considered to have answers to all the ‘classical riddles’ and conventions. While Mozart and Beethoven and Brahms may have been geniuses at writing music for the masses, Bach’s compositions are unique in the way that they can be mathematical and are based on a lot of similar repetitions which makes it quite structured. His music made the fugue style of writing extremely famous and that is what Bach is known for.

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#3 Indian classical music notations

Notation of Indian Classical Music was invented as late as in the 20th Century. Till then, it was always taught orally and was passed down from guru to shishya, from one generation to another.

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#4 Music Choir

An early, actually, the earliest sheet of music for choir was discovered in 2014, after being hidden somewhere since the 900s. A student of St. John’s college, Giovanni Varelli, discovered this earliest known piece of polyphonic music- a piece of choral music written. It was later uncovered by the British Library and then performed after all these years!

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#5 Longest Piano Piece

The longest piano piece ever, in any kind is ‘Vexations’ by Erik Satie. On the composer’s order, the piece consisting of 180 notes were to be repeated 840 times compiling the entire performance to be 18 hours and 40 minutes! It doesn’t end there, the first reported public performance of this piece in 1963 in the Pocket Theatre, in New York City, required a relay team of 10 pianists! And it still doesn’t end there.. The critics of New York Times literally fell asleep at 4 a.m. and the crowd reduced to as less as 6 people-all of them being masochists. Towards the end, there was this one sadomasochist who shouted ‘Encore!’ (I know, right?)

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All Image source : Google images (images.google.com)

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