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April 10, 2016

5 Most Successful Dropouts Of India

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Going to reputed universities and having the highest degrees of management and engineering do not guarantee you of a bright and rich future. When you take a look at the history and people around you, you would come across many such names and faces that made it big without the formal educational qualification. Right from Mark Zuckerberg to Mukesh Ambani, the list is very long. These people don’t just have a big name and status, but are the role models and inspirations for millions. Check out the top successful Indian dropouts that made it big.

#1 Kailash Katkar

You may not know this man by his name but it becomes easy to recognize him when someone introduces him as the founder of Quickheal Technologies. Born in a poor family where his father could hardly afford his matriculation, he started off his career as a mechanic of radios and electronic items. But soon, along with the support of his brother, he started designing software and later started his brand Quickheal. This man is truly an inspiration.

#2 Ritesh Agrawal

Now everybody knows him as 22 year old founder of OYO ROOMS or the one who made it to Forbes list of richest Indian entrepreneurs but little do people know about his educational background. While his family was still worried for him for not completing graduation and jumping to business, he dedicatedly worked to set up OYO ROOMS which offers the best and the most affordable hotel stays to the guests all over India and made it big not just for the brand but for himself as well.

#3 Azim Premji

The founder of Wipro and the giant entrepreneur of India, he is one name that everybody is aware of. He never wanted to follow the conventional rules of studying and then doing a job, and it was only due to this reason that he tried his hands in business at the age of 21 years only.

#4 Kunal Shah

Freecharge became a famous online recharge platform in no time but little do people know about the man behind Freecharge, Kunal Shah. He is always heard saying that if you do not have an interest in studies, stop wasting your time and money. He worked on the same approach and has become a successful entrepreneur. Do what you are passionate about.

#5 Yogendra Pal

He is the man with the vision of Stayzilla, a platform that revolutionized the process and concept of stays during travels in India. He dropped out of college when he was 19 and started freelancing in order to manage his expenses.

These are just a few and you can find a thousand more, but what is important is to take a step like them only if you have a clear vision, passion and dedication like them.

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