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March 23, 2016

5 Style Tips on Holi to Look A Perfect Fashionista

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With the festival of colors just around the corner, our homes are already well stocked with sweetmeats and colors. You may have been hit by a water balloon while going to market. We love colors but we also love our clothes so it is important to know how to get dressed for holi so as to ensure we are in vogue even if totally painted in blues and reds and yellows. So here are 5 style tips on Holi which can help you look completely Holi ready.

#1 Timeless white

Bollywood has associated Holi with white clothes. We have seen people wear white from head to toe, be it kurtas and pajamas or sarees or churidars or white pants, skirts with tee shirts. White allows us to get colored all over and most of us have the white attire for Holi ready every year. Jazz it up with a pair of bright jhumkas and hair accessories. You can also a handful of vibrant bangles.

style tips on Holi: timeless white


#2 Block with Colours

If you are bored with wearing all-white and wish to jazz up your style quotient this Holi, opt for color blocking. Wear a flared long skirt in deep reds or blues or bright yellow and orange. Wear your short white kurti with the skirt. Wear your regular white Holi kurta this year with a bright Patiala and take a multicolored or a matching bandhani dupatta with it. If you are wearing white t-shirts or tank tops, color block them with solid colored palazzos and you are good to go. Wear lots of prints either on top and team it with a white bottom or vice versa, remember Deepika in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani?

style tips on Holi: Block with colors

#3 Footwear

Holi demands easily going footwear which is waterproof so that you can save your jutti. Holi is usually played with many people involving a lot of running around so make sure you do not wear uncomfortable shoes. Wear flats- flip flops or crocs or waterproof ballerinas which are available in gorgeous colors all over the markets.

style tips on Holi: footwear


#4 Hairdo

Taking the care of the hair on Holi is very important and hence another style tips on Holi is for the hair. Never shampoo your hair or go with dry hair to play Holi. You might feel this is not fashionable but if you are going to play Holi, it is best to massage your hair with oil before that so that it ensures the colors come off your hair more easily. Oil your hair and make a top knot or an inverted bun or any updo. You can also do a messy bun and decorate your hair with flowers or clips. Try our 1-minute Minnie mouse bun. Another Holi fashion can be broad hairbands or bandanas which look stylish as well as protect your head.

style tips on Holi: hairdo

#5 makeup and jewelry

Since by the end we all turn into weird painting masterpieces, makeup or accessories are not even visible. Still one needs to deck up before going to play as colorfully as the festival itself. Therefore, opt for colored kajal and mascara which are waterproof and line your eyes lightly because you do not want black eyes later. Keep your accessories minimal by wearing a colorful neckpiece or a big silver/golden hoop jhumka or ear cuffs. Anklets can be worn too! Make sure you do not spoil your jewelry while playing. And this is the last but very effective style tips on Holi which can jazz up your look.

style tips on Holi: make up and jewellery


Go and bring out all the color in your wardrobe and stand out with your fashion by following these awesome style tips on Holi. Play safe Holi and do not hurt anyone and keep your company human specific (do not color animals please). Do something different this year and spread color in the lives of people be it your loved ones or your enemy, because, “Bura Na mano, Holi hai!

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