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August 23, 2016

5 Struggles only Left-handed folks will understand

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Left-handed: Simpsons

Time and again, left-handed people have suffered a lot – being deemed as witches or being directly associated with the devil himself! Even now, the unfairness has remained and the only thing which has changed is the ‘how’. While left-handed people may not be tagged as evil now but we (yes, I am left-handed!) still face problems in our daily routine.

#1 Writing

Yes, we lefties ALWAYS have that ever present, never going ink smudge on our hand! No matter how hard we try, it somehow magically presents itself on our hand without us even knowing. Writing Urdu was the only time our hands came back clean!

#2 Scissors

I know, they are a pain in the ass. I don’t know about you but I have to turn myself every few seconds so that I cut something perfectly. The pain at the end of the activity is even worse. I guess I am gonna have to start using left-handed scissors!

#3 Handshakes

This is by far the most common and widespread problem lefties place. In a world where right-handed handshakes are the norm, the lefties just have to learn to adapt. And sometimes when on reflex, we shoot out our left hand, the people become confused. It is us who feel guilty in the end.

#4 Eating

I guess this is the most irritating one because everybody looks at us like we are some kind of a joker or something when we eat with our left hand. Then there comes a flurry of questions which are nonsensical and we all know what the most common question is. And if somebody is sitting next to us, then it’s an entirely different story altogether! The constant jutting of elbows becomes embarrassing at one point!

#5 Illness

I guess we lefties can live with all the other problems but not this one. Studies have shown that lefties suffer from really nasty diseases which includes dyslexia, schizophrenia and breast cancer. While the why is yet to be answered; take care of yourself till then.

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