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May 19, 2016

5 Stand Up Comedians you just cannot Miss

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Russell Peters

Stand-up comedy is sincerely difficult. You have to fight against the odds and become popular and be loved. And then, you have to maintain the style to remain in vogue. You black out on stage and you run out of jokes in a live show. Despite all of those, here are 5 stand-up comedians who made it to the top and you literally need to YouTube them NOW!

#1 George Carlin

“Intelligence tests are biased towards the literate”

This extremely witty yet extremely funny character has topped the charts of being the best stand-up comedian one can ever see. He was noted for his black comedy on politics, psychology and other topics which are considered a taboo. If you are looking for some serious thought along with laughter, YouTube him immediately!

#2 Robin Williams

“Reality is just a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs”

Robin Williams may be dead, but the audience will always remember him as one of the most alive stand-up comedian who can make a person of just about any age roll on the floor laughing. He was known for improvising his comedy skills and credited for San Francisco’s comedy renaissance. He kept performing at various clubs to keep his improvisational skills sharp. We will always love and remember our dear Flubber actor.

#3 Kevin Hart

“Some people love so hard that they can’t control those emotions when they’re at their deepest point.”

Kevin Hart happens to be the most demanding hottie in the field of stand-up comedy. His comedy is honest, to the point and leaves an everlasting imprint on your mind. He started his career winning several amateur competitions followed by several comedy tours. He has a unique style which portrays his life and insecurities in a comedic manner. You are sure to cry of laughter watching him perform.

#4 Russell Peters

“I’ve seen racism in my audiences. For example, I’ve seen people laugh at every other group, but then clam up when it comes to their community. You can’t laugh at everyone else and then not laugh at yourself. You shouldn’t be at my show if you can’t laugh at yourself.”

Russell Peters is a racially Indian, culturally Canadian stand-up comedian. He is one knowledgeable comedian who points out the stereotypes in race, culture and class. Observational comedy is what we can call it. The best part is, he pokes fun about his race, and laughs at himself. Of course, a person who can laugh at himself is going to be loved by everybody!

#5 Ellen Degeneres

“You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me because that’s how it’s spelled.”

Being considered as one of the most powerful and influential female stand-up comedian, Ellen Degeneres makes it a point to opine and inspire through her works. She is one witty woman who is bold yet funny. She also won the 1982 award for Showtime’s funniest comedian in America. She has got some audience who follows her religiously and you could be one of them, too. Don’t miss her out, she’s a catch!

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