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March 3, 2016

5 Slumdog Millionaires Who Will Inspire You

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India has recently seen a boom in the number of startups. We all have heard of the success and the failure stories of entrepreneurs. The life of an entrepreneur is hard; faced by numerous challenges and hurdles, it is an ultimate test. While each entrepreneur has faced a different set of challenges, we bring you success story of 5 slumdog millionaires who did not give up.

#1 Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana was born in a small village in Maharashtra was married at a tender age of 12. She moved to Mumbai slums but faced domestic and physical abuse. The conditions worsened and her father took her back to her village. She returned to Mumbai when she was 16 years old and started working for a garment factory. Since then she did not look back. She worked hard and ventured into tailoring business and opened a furniture store. She is currently the CEO of Kamani Tubes and is a Padma Shri recipient. Her net worth is $112 million.

#2 Govindram Seksaria

Known as the cotton king of India, he was one the most successful entrepreneurs of India who got everything from fame to name on his own. Born in a poor family in Rajasthan, his parents died when he was 16 and he was left to support his wife and six other family members. He moved to Mumbai and started his own business. Setting up a business under British Raj was difficult but nevertheless he did not give up. His first job was as an operator for Bombay Stock Exchange and later he was got a membership. He has set up multiple education institutes.

#3 Ramkrishna Dalmia

Born in a small, poor and a very religious family of Rajasthan, he had to take care of his family when his father passed away. His uncle helped get a job in trading business which helped him support his family. He started with sugar industry but his main contribution was emergence of Indian Cement Industry. He later ventured into several other businesses and was also the founder of Times Group. The Dalmia Group is currently managed by his sons and grandsons.

#4 Kailash Katkar

In spite of his father having a job, he lived his life in such poverty that he barely got any education. In order to take care of the growing expenses and to support his family, he took a job at a very young age and started repairing radios and calculators. Since he had an interest in electronic items, he saved some money to learn how to repair them and got into similar business later. He took a big risk by starting his own business and then managed to grow with a steady and secure pace. Today he is the founder of Quick Heal Technologies.

#5 PC Mustafa

Born to illiterate parents, his father was a Coolie and could barely afford a living for his family. Since his father was a daily wage worker, he too worked with him whenever he was allowed and due to this he never had interest in studies. He joined back the school after a long time by support of his teacher and soon became a brilliant student. He got scholarships for his stay and education, he moved out for higher education. Having done a lot of jobs and taking up an MBA degree he started his own business of making idli and dosa batters. Now he is a owner of a company worth 100 crores.

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