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July 20, 2016

5 Signs That Prove That You Are Ready For Marriage

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Tired of those social media posts where you see your one of your friends getting married every couple of months? Well maybe these posts make you think whether you too should get married but are you really ready? Hopping onto the marriage bandwagon is not a day’s deal and comes with immense responsibilities. Read through the sentences that follow to figure out if you are actually ready to get into a lifelong commitment called marriage:

#1 You have a partner and know each other really well. 
No matter if it was arranged for you or you found your love on your own, having a partner is the most important thing to get married. You cannot marry someone the day after you met each other for the first time! Knowing each other and check out your compatibility levels is very important if you want to get married.

#2 You talk about future and long term goals.

This does not mean you are getting old. It simply means you are getting mature and seriously thinking about your future. Moreover, instead of using terms like my goals and my future, you have started using “we” and “our”. You simply don’t imagine things without your partner. This is a sign my friend, this surely is!

#3 You are sure about the one and trust is not an issue anymore. 

Yes you fight but trust and insecurity aren’t the reasons any more. You know your partner really well and trust him/her completely. You fight less and make up quickly.

#4 You know each other’s friends and family. 
When you are serious for someone you don’t just know that person but a lot about the people close to them. You have met their family and friends and feel comfortable with them and it’s vice versa.

#5 You think about finances. 

Saving money becomes your priority and various alien terms like investments, down payments, affordability, etc start sounding very important to you.

If you said hell yaas! on every point, you sure want to get married and are absolutely ready for it. So why wait, just go get married!

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