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May 23, 2017

5 Shopping Festival Every Shopaholic Must Visit Once

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Dubai Shopping Festival

We all love to indulge in some shopping now and then. No matter how many online sites you have looked through, a well-lit shop with the beautiful things ready to be bought always steals the show. And did we mention the bargaining? We do love that too, don’t we? So it would almost be a sin for such a shopaholic to not visit these 5 mega shopping festivals that happen around the world.

Most of us are acquainted with Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and Malaysia Shopping Festival; but we bring 5 other shopping festival from around the world that are just as magnanimous as DSF.

#5 The Great Singapore Sale

For last 21 years, this sale is held in June and July and is a Mecca for huge discounts and big bargains. One can get as much as 70 percent discount and get everything starting from fashion, luxury items, and cosmetics and more all across the city center and suburbs. Apart from this one can find great deals on dining, can do tax-free shopping and enjoy lots of giveaways.

#4 The Hong Kong Shopping Festival

Hong Kong Shopping Festival is a wider part of Hong Kong Summer Spectacular which takes place from June to August. Most of the tourists like to visit Hong Kong during this period to enjoy the shopping experience. One can enjoy great dining experience, play a lot of games and attend crazy music festivals, while fully using the great deals and discounts on all kinds of possible items.

#3 The Korean Grand Sale

If you are addicted to shopping, this is the place for you. Brave-heart shoppers flock this shopping festival during winter in January and February to make the most out of crazy deals at boutiques and shopping malls to shop for designer stuff and coveted items.

#2 The Cannes shopping Festival

Also known as Palais des Festival, this is where secretly all the fashionistas head to. The three-day shopping festival includes high-end fashion shows and display of a myriad collection of costumes by the big shots of the fashion industry. Apart from that, it showcases a number of designer boutiques where one can find amazing deals. If you are a true fashionista, this festival is highly recommended for you.

#1 The Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF)

GKSF is an initiative by the Government of Kerala to make Kerala a shopping paradise. The shopping festival was inaugurated in December 1, 2007  and runs for approximately 45-46 days. If you are planning to visit God’s Own Country this year, then don’t forget to visit GKSF.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and head out to the amazing journey of shopping, food and lots of entertainment.

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