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May 4, 2017

5 Serious Side Effects of Marijuana

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The term marijuana has a negative connotation. When we hear the word; our imagination runs high. We think of dark and dingy overcrowded place with smoke all over the place. However, in the last few years medical research has been conducted and results suggest that marijuana may kill cancer cells. Many people now support the use of drug and argue to make the drug legal but with restrictions.

While the drug could be the breakthrough cure for cancer, prolonged use can impact brain severely. According to Dr. Scott Krakower, the biggest risk related to the use of marijuana is the increased risk of psychosis. This is not the only risk associated with the drug, we bring some serious side effects of marijuana that can hinder brain function.

#5 Higher Risk of Psychosis

Studies have proved that use of marijuana may lead to a higher risk of psychosis, which is losing touch with the real world, such as hallucinations and paranoia. Researchers have found that the people who have used marijuana are more likely to be diagnosed with a psychotic mental health condition than people who have never used it.


#4 Drop in IQ Level

Studies have proved that teen who has consumed this drug at least four times a week and has continued to do so throughout his/her entire lifetime has experienced an IQ drop of 8 points than those who have never smoked pots. Though it is still not clear why the drug impacts the IQ level.


#3 The Brain’s Reward System

Our brain functions in a particular way and memorizes in a certain way. In a study conducted, researchers analyzed whether the brains of 59 chronic marijuana people would react distinctively to the photographs of articles utilized for smoking marijuana than they did to the photographs of items that are viewed as “normal prizes, for example, their most loved organic products. It was found that the memory reacted more spontaneously when people saw drug related images and were slow to react to their previous favorite items. No change in brain mapping was found for people who did consume the drug.


#2 Noisy Neurons

THC- is the main psychoactive compound of marijuana, which might increase the level of neural noise or random neural activity in the brain. According to Dr. Deepak Cyril D’Souza, a professor of Yale School of Medicine, “At doses roughly equivalent to half or a single joint, [THC] produced psychosis – like effects and increased neural noise in humans.” Neural activity disturbance could lead to serious medical conditions like schizophrenia.


#1 Increase in Craving

It is a known fact that individuals feel hungry after getting drunk. Similarly people who consume tobacco or harmful drugs like marijuana tends to crave and eat more. This happens because there are certain neurons in the cerebrum that smother the craving. The consumption of marijuana impacts these neurons.

Warning: This article does not support the consumption of marijuana or any drugs or tobacco. These products are harmful and result in serious long-term medical issues. Use of such products must be prohibited.

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