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August 17, 2017

5 Sean Penn Movies That Will Stir You

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Sean Penn

Sean Penn, born in Los Angeles, California, is a popular American actor and film maker. With every profound performance and intensely moving stints, he has well progressed as an actor, kicking up a variety of roles. Not only as an actor, this phenomenal multifaceted individual has also exposed his green thumb behind the cameras as a director as well. He is one of the Hollywood’s most escalating performers and has 2 Academy Awards under his belt.

Sean started his career in 1974 and ever since there has been no looking back. He has done variety of roles and some of his movies will stir you. It will make you want to think. On his 56th birthday, we have picked 5 movies that will touch your soul.


Bollywood or Hollywood, a popular and well-known actor distances himself/herself from a gay role. Sean, however, portrayed the role of Harvey Milk. He prompts every scene in this movie with immense power and finesse and no wonder he won academy award for his role.


A father with developmental disability who is fighting to reserve custody for his daughter. The only people who support him are his lawyer and his daughter. The powerful performance by Penn will leave you teary-eyed.


This was Sean’s first prominent movie and he was also nominated for an Academy Award for his performance. Sean’s character Matthew Poncelet is an inmate who is waiting for his execution.


Sean Penn plays a jazz guitarist in Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown, illustrates a farfetched comedic result a serious actor can have when they pull off a kooky role. His appearance as Emmet Ray is eccentric and quite high powered.


The movie that won him his first Academy Award, Mystic River is a crime thriller based in Boston, MA. Mystic River captures the tale of three childhood friends who become distant when they grow up. When the daughter of one of the friends is found murdered and the suspect is other friend – the real bond is tested.

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