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November 22, 2016

5 Reasons You Need to be a Travel Addict

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Travel Addict is an individual who is addicted to travel. Travel can give you much-needed break and it can help you rejuvenate.

If you are scared to travel because you are not comfortable of new surroundings or fear of language barriers, then I would definitely recommend that you either travel with a friend or solo. Travel can help you gain confidence and undertake unforeseen challenges. It is good to step out of your comfort zone and challenge you brain and mind. We give you 5 reasons why you need to be a travel addict.

#1  Boosts Self-Confidence

Traveling can provide a major boost to your self-confidence. No matter how much we plan in our life; we face challenges that are neither predicted nor planned. Travel can help you overcome unplanned challenges which in turn boosts your self-confidence.

#2 Knowledge-Rich Experience

The more you travel; more friends you will make; more knowledge you will gain. Traveling is a knowledge-rich experience that can help you learn more about place, its etiquette and culture.

#3  Appreciate Small Things in Life

Most of us overlook small joys of life while achieving our goal. Travel slows down your life and helps you appreciate small things that you overlooked before. For example having coffee with that someone special on beach or watching stars wrapped in blanket.

#4 Explore Un-Comfort Zone

Though it is good to know people, place and surrounding around you; it could make you hard to adapt to new surroundings and environment. When you are adjusting around new environment, your brain is alert and your body is much more active.

#5 Learn a new Language

The best part about traveling is learning a new language. While it is difficult for adults to learn new language easily; all you need is strong will power. Also, when you know basic words of a local language life will become much easier if you are in a non-english speaking zone.

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Featured Image Source- http://travellerspoint.tumblr.com

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