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May 27, 2016

5 Compelling Reasons You Must Watch The Night Manager This Weekend

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The Night Manager

Once again BBC presented a great mini-series, ‘The Night Manager.’ From a long time, the show has created buzz among fans with its star cast. Yes. In this series Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) meets Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Based on a John le Carre novel, ‘The Night Manager’ is the story of Jonathan Pine, an ex- army who is put on an undercover mission by intelligence to unmask the shady businesses done by Roper and his gang. All the BBC fans know when it comes to a miniseries, BBC leaves no stones unturned to make it a masterpiece. Here are five reasons why you should never say no to this series.

#1 The Story
Directed by the Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier, this miniseries will give you a thrilling ride of a much darker world, where power and money hungry billionaires do not think twice to strike a dangerous illegal arms dealing.

#2 The Cast

‘The Night Manager’ is a treat to your eyes. Not only Tom Hiddleston but the beautiful shooting location will comfort your eyes. The BBC series was filmed in a picturesque location of Morocco, Devon, Zermatt, and Mallorca. It can give you the idea of your next travel destination.

#3 Tom Hiddleston

Let’s be completely honest, Tom Hiddleston is the key reason why you should watch ‘The Night Manager’. Hiddleston plays the protagonist Jonathan Pine, a retired British army. A traumatic event made him quit the military and withdraw himself from the society. When he is put into Roper’s way he comes out breaking the shell. Putting his life in the hands of his destiny intentionally gets into the world of Roper and Corkoran.

Tom Hiddleston’s natural charm gave Jonathon Pine life on the screen. Not only he looked ravishing, he brilliantly essayed the role of the calm hotel manager and a worn out ex-soldier. Rumor has it, this mini-series has worked as an audition for James Bond for Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston


#4 Notorious Antagonists

Every good story needs a good villain. You won’t be disappointed to see Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper. He is amazing enough to keep you glued to it.

Hugh Laurie,best known for playing Dr. House in American show ‘House MD’. He portrays a charismatic Richard Roper, whose maliciousness knows no boundaries. There is a mysterious aura always surrounds Roper that will want you to know more about the man behind the calm surface. Hugh Laurie’s brilliant portrayal of malevolent Roper will send a chill down your spine.

Another villain who will catch your attention is Major Lance Corkoran. Portrayed by Tom Hollander, this sarcastic antagonist will win your heart at the same time he will make you livid.

Hugh Laurie


#5 Strong Woman Character

Another reason to watch this BBC series is Angela Burr played by Olivia Colman. However, in the book by John le Carre, Burr is a male character, but the director changed it into a female character for the show. Burr is an intelligence operative who employs the protagonist, Jonathan Pine to go undercover and help her to uncover an illicit trade.

Burr is everything a woman should be. Played beautifully by Olivia Colman, Burr is strong, independent and brave. She is a role model for the feminist women.

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