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August 3, 2016

5 Reasons Why Harry Potter 8th Book Failed to Charm Readers

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Harry Potter

I was all eager for the witching hour of 31st to swoon upon one more Harry Potter book; awaiting restlessly for my favorite wizardry world to cast its magic and get me spell bounded once again; like it did for ages. The book went from stage to page and the expectations were set by readers all over the world. Although this time the book was rather a script of a play ; unlike the other 8 books it certainly turned out good (not best*). Ms. Rowling worked on the play’s plot with the playwright Jack Thorne and the director John Tiffany, and while she helped shape the story, she has made it abundantly clear that she did not write the script.

I had my book pre-ordered and as soon as I got my hands on the book; I had to read it. Sad but true, as a Harry Potter fan, my expectations were let down. The book failed to recreate the magic and here are few reasons why I felt it failed (no spoilers).

#5 Storyteller

We all know that J. K. Rowling is an excellent storyteller and that’s what makes us all love Harry Potter books. The book is not written by her; is quite evident. You will miss her writing.

#4 Pace

Harry Potter books are well-paced. Every book is rich of details and every minute event is explained. The new book even though a script does not explain much and is too fast paced.

#3 Save the drama for your mama

Harry Potter books are full of emotions but give away important lessons of life. This book was too dramatic.

#2 Movie?

Harry Potter is one book-turned-movie that we all die-hard book lovers love the movie. This book will make you wish that no movie is made out of this book.

#1 End

We all want the magic continue but after reading this book; you will want magic to stop. After all we don’t want our good memories to turn into sour memories!

Despite the flaws book has; I would recommend you read the book and enjoy the World of Wizards. It will answer all the questions that you have been wondering for last few years.

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