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February 4, 2017

5 Reasons Why Breakups are Blessings in Disguise

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5 reasons why Breakups are good

Stressed relationships! We all went through that. Heartbreak can be the worst thing, it shatters your soul! Makes you feel very bad and desperate about yourself. You start questioning what your fault is and why it had to happen to you. But someone needs to realize if the person is not in your destiny, why run after him or her? One should also realize that running after someone is not love; love is just felt and understood. Maybe you already had future plans with the person but if he or she is not right and could hurt you then the breakup is indeed a blessing!

Heartbreak can also be a life changing experiences; at the start you may feel crushed and awful but with time you realize that there are much more in life than a falling relation.

In this article, we will cover some points showing why a breakup is not a bad thing; there are other meaningful aspects of life that needs to be considered.

Time for yourself

Time for Yourself

One of the prime positive aspects of a breakup is finding time in you. After a breakup, we feel dishearten, and loss. The world has crumble, all our hopes and dreams breaks. However, someone should realize it’s also the time where you can do things which you liked. Make some plans for yourself, feel free and renovate yourself. Meet your friends, hang out together, watch movies, and join some dance classes or cooking or hit the gym. Because staying sad and sulking will not bring any good, rather will make you think of the breakup.

Live your dreams

Live Your Dreams

Maybe in your relation you had to sacrifice many dreams and hopes. But now it’s the time to achieve those. Do not stay sad or keep crying, time flies. Make a plan, and start achieving it. Take the course you always wanted too, join yoga or meditation class, or pack your bags and go somewhere. Because apart from yourself no one can make you happy, happiness lies within.

Re-connect with family

Get Together

When in a relation we give all of our time to that person. Whole day we will talk about him or think or be with him and in this process we forget that we have families too! Therefore a break up is the perfect process where you can get back to family. You were happy before the partner comes, you did not need them at that time, so after he or she is gone, come back on track. However far you distance yourself, the family is always here when you need them. They are permanent people they will not leave you when they are tired of you.

See what you deserve

Usually after a breakup, we feel like we have the worst life! We feel pathetic and no motivation. However someone should realize that life does not end there. You can still live because we all deserve better. Even if we need to wait for years to get someone better, the wait is worthier. As why you need to sacrifice for someone who did not value you. For a relationship to work, there should be compromise and confidence, if those elements were not present what’s the use of it?

Never stop believing in love

Believe in Yourself

Someone should never lose confidence in oneself or love if the previous partner left. You cannot beg someone for love, rather it just comes. So if you had a bad relation, do not worry, someone else will come and make all those broken threads strong. You will no longer cry, but will smile and laugh your heart out. Never jump into a new relation quickly, rather take your time. Enjoy the free moments and think, reflect on what kind of person you really need. Love will happen when it has to, and it will come unexpectedly. For the time being live your life, grow more mature and keep believing.

A breakup is not the end of life; it can be a new beautiful start. So, stop crushing your soul, have the courage to get back on track and wait for the perfect one. The longer you wait, the better you will take care of the new relation because you knew the pain of loneliness and separation.

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