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April 19, 2017

5 Reasons Why Barney Stinson Rules TV Universe!

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Barney Stinson Rules: I'm awesome

If you’re a TV show fanatic like me, I’m sure one of your favourite characters is Barney Stinson from How I Met Your MotherBarney Stinson is a fictional character portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris and created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the CBS television series HIMYM. The character is known for his love of wearing expensive suits, laser tag, alcohol and various catchphrases. He invented the phrases “Suit Up” and “Bro Code”. We all know he’s a ‘legen-wait for it-dary’ character.

HookedUpon presents to you a small list of why he is the most awesome character in the history of television and why Barney Stinson rules the small screen!

#1 Challenge Accepted

He always accepts all the challenges that are (or not) thrown in his way. Barney is described as a man who “likes to create crazy situations and then sit back and watch it all go down.” He is an opportunist who manipulates any situation so that it goes his way. He is also highly competitive, and will take on “challenges” to complete outlandish tasks in order to prove his worth. He is proud and stubborn, and attempts to stand by his word no matter what.  It clearly shows why Barney Stinson rules all the way!

Barney Stinson: Challenge Accepted


 #2 “Stop being Sad and Be Awesome”

People look upto ‘Barney Stinson Quotes’ when they are upset and he has earned a label for himself with his powerful sayings that leave a mark on people’s mind. Getting sad is not good for anyone. So, listen to Barney Stinson. Stop being sad and start being awesome instead.



#3 A True Legend

Nothing in the world can give you the happiness that a bunch of your friends who know you completely and accept you can give you. Even after being ‘Legendary’ Barney Stinson definitely knew how important friends are in life. After all, you want to flaunt your awesomeness in front of them! Among his friends, Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin are the ones that deserve a mention. Robin sparkles all the way in his romantic life.

Barney Stinson: A True Legend


#4 The One who sticks to The Truth

Every now and then we need a break from real life. We need a good story for that. But the reality, being a jerk ruins it most of the time. Barney Stinson never says a wrong thing. But his childhood was nurtured with lies. Throughout his childhood, Barney was constantly lied to by his mother to protect his feelings; for example Barney was told by his mother that he couldn’t play basketball because he was too good and it wasn’t fair for the other kids, but in reality his coach didn’t want him on the team.

Barney Stinson: The One who sticks to The Truth


#5 “New is always better”

Barney has millions of “only one rule”. One of them is ‘New is always better’. He cannot be more right. This rule applies in almost all the cases of life. New challenge, new place to live, new haircut, new dresses. New is always better.. Well, except the wine.

Barney Stinson: new is always better


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