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September 29, 2016

5 Reasons to Try Oil-Pulling

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benefits of oil pulling

The mouth is the portal for many disease-causing viruses and bacteria and should therefore oral hygiene should be maintained. This can be done by Oil-pulling. Oil-pulling helps remove toxic substances from the mouth. What is Oil-pulling, and what are its benefits? Find out below:

#1 Reduces Teeth Inflammation
Oil contains natural anti-viral and antibiotic properties that work more effectively than Anti-bacterial medications and toothpaste. Tooth-inflammation is caused mainly due to virus or bacteria. For the most impelling results, oil-pulling should be done for a month, to cleanse the mouth entirely from bacterial infections.

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#2 Eradicates Cavities
Cavities can be really annoying and painful. Removal of teeth and cavities tend to be as bothersome as the dreadful at the Dentist’s waiting room. Go the natural way! Try Oil-pulling. Oil fights bacteria that cause cavities and keeps your mouth clean and fresh, free from bad-breath.

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#3 Enhances Texture of Skin
Oil contains properties that purify the blood and boost the collagen in the skin. It also aids blood circulation, giving your skin a rosy glow, and keeping it soft and rash-free. Oil-pulling, done regularly also prevents the formation of wrinkles and all other skin-diseases.

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#4 Decreases Migraines
An efficient cure for migraines is yet to be named, and the regularity of these splitting headaches can be pretty dreadful. The cooling properties of oil boosts energy levels in the body, alleviating stress that causes headaches. Oil-pulling may arouse a wave of nausea at first, but don’t worry, it is only part of the detoxifying process.

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#5 Maintains hormonal balance
Hormonal disturbances can cause several health issues. Oil, as a coolant, does not interfere with the hormonal levels and helps maintain their steady level.

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How is Oil-pulling done?
Any oil like Sunflower oil, Olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil, can be used for the process. Keep the oil in your mouth for around 15 minutes, pulling it between your teeth. Then, expel the liquid from your mouth without swallowing. It is imperative that the oil is not swallowed as it carries all the toxins within the mouth. Then, you can brush your teeth normally.

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Stop wasting money on medications, and doctor-visits, try oil-pulling for a healthier, cleaner living.

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