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July 28, 2016

5 Reasons To Watch Kabali This Weekend

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Rajnikanth, baap of all entertainment, is back with his leading-edge Kabali. The movie had everyone excited. Many offices in Bangalore and Chennai had declared a holiday on the opening day of the movie.

As a hard-core North Indian, I went for this movie with my friends and I was mesmerized. Now I understand why people go crazy for Rajni movies. If you are like me and up for an experiment, then I would recommend you watch Kabali. Here are few reasons why you should watch Kabali.

#5 The Glamour Quotient

It’s time to lay eyes on Rajnikanth in a never seen before avatar. He is on view as a man in his 50’s or 60’s. His makeover from a bottom dog to the underworld mob, is brought about in a phenomenal way. So dashing, that it is sure to dole out goose pimples. Everything about his look is there for the world to see.

#4 Well-Founded Cast

Kabali has a remarkably artistic and an extremely challenging cast to support Rajnikanth. Radhika Apte plays the central female role, Dinesh Ravi portrays the central character and Winston Chao, the Taiwanese actor, can been seen as the antagonist.

#3 The Feisty Music

The music of this movie is high-strung and full of pep. The song ‘Neruppa Da‘, composed by Santosh Narayan is beyond words.

#2 The Craze

Kabali is the first movie to have its poster up on Air Asia flight. While the marketers definitely laughed; Air Asia definitely saw packed flights. The movie was also the first movie to release in 30 nations with tickets pre-booked in USA.

#1 Rajnikanth Himself

Since his debut in 1975, he has been working non-stop. He is ‘God’ for his fans, who devotedly call him ‘Thalaiva‘. The energy, zeal & the magic that Rajnikanth pours in this movie is enough already to make this a paisa wasool film. If nothing else, then watch the movie for him.

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