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October 13, 2016

5 Reasons to Visit Rajasthali in Connaught Place

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Gatta Kadhi

Connaught Place has been recently bubbling with bar cafes. The area is well accessible and great place to shop or hangout with friends. But what if you are visiting the area with family? If you thought Embassy, Halidrams and United Coffee House were your only options then you are mistaken. Famous for its ethnic Rajasthani food, Rajasthali is an air-conditioned restaurant that serves you an appetizing platter which contains Rajasthani cuisine clubbed with some special dishes from Gujarat. It’s located in the Block C of Connaught Place facing opposite to the PVR mall in Block B and is closest to the Metro Gate Exit No. 2 from Rajiv Chowk Metro station. For the exact location of the restaurant, click here.

Rajasthali is a family restaurant and the food served is here is great. On my recent visit to the place, there were few things that caught my attention.

#1 Royal Welcome

Before the food is served, one of the staff member will give you a welcoming reception by offering you a hand wash in a traditional way that reminds of historical grandeur of royal palace days. The slow and soft instrumental music that is played in the restaurant relaxes mind.

Hand Wash

#2 Lip Smacking Food

The food served at the restaurant is pure vegetarian. I went around the time when navratras were going on. During the festive season, the restaurant specially serves Navratri Thali. Few of my favorites from thali were Rasam soup to Sabudana Papad, Kheer, Fruit Halwa and Malai Kofta. It is a perfect option for one time meal during the fast.

Navratri Thali

If you opt for the regular Rasjthani Thali, then you are served three varieties of vegetables, two types of Kadhi, Dal, sweets and roti. Some of the lip-smacking dishes that left me wanting for more were:

Panchmel Tadka Dal served with three types of flatbreads (roti)

This is not the staple yellow dal that we often eat but a healthy blend of five types of lentils cooked to a smooth consistency. The garlic tempered in ghee gives it a delicious taste and aroma. The three types of roti: plain roti, paratha and missi-roti are a perfect companion with this dal.

Jaipuri Gatta Kadhi and Sweet Gujarati Kadhi

The thali serves you two unique tastes of kadhi – Jaipuri spicy Gatta Kadhi and Gujarati sweet kadhi. Gatta kadhi contains soft pakoras dipped in curd based gravy and Gujarati kadhi contains sweet yoghurt curry tempered with cumin seeds.

Gatta Kadhi

Mini Samosa and Rice Dhokla with chutney and pickles

The bites of potato stuffed mini samosa and rice dhokla with chutneys between the meals makes for a perfect snacking dish.



Desserts and Beverage

In dessert, you get Moong Dal Halwa and Kheer. A special Rajasthani dish ‘Bati Dal Churma’ makes your meal even more fulfilling. The Iced Chach served with the meal not only tastes great but also cleans throat and aids digestion.

#3 Cost

The food served is unlimited and the cost per thali is INR 299. For a family of four or large groups, Rajasthali is an extremely cost-effective solution.

#4 Ambience

If you are looking for a quiet place to have dinner with family or business meeting, then I would recommend you visit Rajasthali. Unlike other restaurants and cafes in Connaught Place, the restaurant is quite and peaceful


#5 Location

Rajasthali is easily accessible via Metro and there is ample parking around the area. The parking is only INR 20 per hour.

Connaught Place

Location: 25-C, Middle Cir, Block C, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi

Timings: 12 PM to 4 PM & 7 PM to 11 PM

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