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February 9, 2016

5 Reasons to Visit Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF)

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Reasons to Visit Kala Ghoda Arts Festival: Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Mumbai’s most beloved festival, the Khala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) is back. Because of the overwhelming response that the festival has been receiving each year since its inception in 1999, the festival is in town from February 6th, 2016 to February 14th, 2016. This year, there were some exceptional out of the box ideas that captured us. HookedUpon’s correspondent, Aishwarya, gives us five reasons to visit Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.

KGAF, as we know, is all about varied range of dance, music, theatre, food, workshops, visual arts, and architecture etc. The festival finds a place in everyone’s mind and heart. One reason could be because of the in-depth meaning that the creator tries to capture in his/her art.

#1 The Butterfly Effect

One can’t help but notice the big board with arrow marks in the shape of a blooming butterfly. But the thought behind it goes a tad bit deeper than what meets the eye. When the lady behind this beautiful concept, Archana was asked about the idea, she spoke about how we as a society never leave a chance to complain about everything that bothers us, but never really make an effort to bring about a change. Just like a butterfly, when it blooms out of its cocoon, it brings about a small yet significant change in its environment. So we as individuals must strive to create small changes daily that affect our immediate surroundings, which ultimately will positively affect the society as a whole.

Reasons to Visit Kala Ghoda Arts Festival: The Butterfly Effect

#2 Against Labels

Another show case that brought attention to an important social issue was the #iamagainstlabels. This thought provoking stall consisted of a small space where they had prettily decked up ribbons with pinkish-red lights, and labels such as ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ’manly’, ’weak’ etc. hanging around. Live and let live was the main message.

Against Labels

#3 Smoke-free Lungs

This initiative by Nicotex is definitely one of the reasons to visit Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. They urged their visitors to choose a life filled with life and not cigarettes. It did create quite an impression. The visual representation of lungs, filled with sand, and a few seeds planted in it. The meaning behind the art is that of sand playing the role of harm to the lungs, as tobacco does. But if we choose a healthy life, and quit smoking, the seeds of it will eventually be of benefit to us. They had a buzzer installed, so that visitors could pledge to live a smoke free life and vocalize their support.

Smoke-Free Lungs

#4 Thought Provoking One-Liner on Religion

‘Does religion comfort or threaten?’ were the most powerful 5 words shown in this year’s Khala Ghoda Arts Festival. This soul searching answer was hung up in the air on the branch of trees, and did not fail to capture every single eye ball that was around.

#5 Global Citizenship

This year, they went beyond Mumbaikers and Indians, and decided to promote global village and citizenship and make every individual be a part of the global world, without being ignorant about worldly affairs. The art piece was an ensemble of a globe, a keyboard and a computer keyboard, which subtly puts out the message that the age of new media is bringing the world closer than ever. Simple, yet powerful, this festival is really beyond just pretty fancy lights.

So here were our five reasons to visit Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Hope this will make more art lovers to visit the fest and find reasons of their own to fall in love with art all over again.

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