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August 27, 2017

5 Reasons To Ship DraMione

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DraMione aka Draco Hermione is a ship which most of the fans love to ship. If you’re familiar with this fandom, you already know Draco and Hermione make the most popular couple in this world. But why do fans ship the pure blooded Slytherin and Muggle-born from Gryffindor so madly? Well, we’ve lots of amazing writers and artists, their fan fictions and fan arts that are enough to make you fall for this ship. But there are other reasons too.Here are five reasons why we ship Draco and Hermione.

#5 Pride and Prejudice in Wizard World

Draco, belonging from a pureblood Slytherin family obviously brought up believing in certain ways. His disgust towards Muggle-borns and always holding himself above others is similar to Darcy and his attitude towards the middle-class people. Hermione is similar to Lizzie in more than one way. She challenges all of ‘The Pure Blood Pride’ with her wits and intelligence. Definitely, people fall for the Wizard Darcy and Lizzie.

#4 They Both Are From Earth

People say men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but both of them are from Earth. They both are intelligent while Hermione always holds the 1st position in the class, Draco is never far behind. Draco was the leader of his gang of buddies where Hermione was the reason of ‘The Magical Trio’ lived and breathed till the end of the series. A shipper’s heart knows, a few similarities and a little bit more dissimilarities make a perfect couple.

#3 The Forbidden Fruit

Hermione and Draco are the forbidden fruit for each other. Slytherin and Gryffindor were enemies at school, but their story runs deeper than school rivalry. Draco’s family, The Malfoys were supporters of Lord Voldemort and loathed the mud blood. Hermione stands against their orthodox principles in every way. The idea of two people belonging from completely opposite backgrounds, holding diverse values creates a plot of a pretty much passionate love story.

#2 We Find Love In A Hopeless Place

Although they were not a canon, fans love to believe in the crazy theories. According to the shippers, in the middle of chaos, when threats from the death eaters and Dark Lord is prevailing over the wizard world and Draco is forced to join the death eater community at a young age, love bloomed between them.

#1 Tom and Emma

The sizzling chemistry between Tom Felton (Draco) and Emma Watson (Hermione) is a big reason for fans falling in love with this couple.

Canon or not canon, Draco the brat from Slytherin and Hermione the brave heart from Gryffindor will always be OTP- one true pair for us.

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