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May 25, 2016

5 Reasons That Cause Multiple Personality Disorder

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Multiple personality disorder

Multiple personality disorders or Dissociative Identity Disorder, as it is medically known, is one of the strangest and weird medical conditions that an individual can go through. Right from kids to the adults, many people suffer from this problem and medical science doesn’t have much to say about the same. However here are a few reasons that I am sure you would want to know that cause DID.

#1 Physical and Sexual abuse

Although no report or study could guarantee the reasons behind this medical condition, a person who has supposedly gone through any kind of abuse or assault, be it mental, emotional or physical can suffer from this problem. Their terrible past leaves a permanent scar on their minds and thus, the stress and trauma take them to that level of agitation where they start behaving as different people.

Physical Abuse

#2 Trauma

Often due to certain circumstances, a person goes through some trauma that they cannot share with anyone and this is one big reason behind a person exhibiting DID. They might suffer from flashbacks or certain issues with people close to them and thus try to incorporate themselves into someone that they are not.


#3 Mental issues

If a person has problems like amnesia, memory loss, poor eyesight, mood swings, etc. the chances of him/her suffering from DID increases. For many people often ignore these signs even if they increase to a huge level, they are the main interesting reasons behind this problem.


#4 Abusive work/school/social environment

A counselor or a psychiatrist would often want to know about the surroundings where the patient is spending his/her most of the time. It is often seen that if a child is bullied in school or if a person’s coworkers make fun of him, he behaves differently at home as well. Just in order to create a shield around themselves, these people try to become a person they are not but end up suffering from DID.

Now this is an interesting factor that one should take a note of as it might cause the problem of DID in many people. In most of the cases, especially in kids who are ashamed to accept their phobias in front of others, they take the help of multiple personalities and then they cannot figure out when they start developing alters.

Child Abuse

#5 Stress and depression

Considering the same root cause for everything, if a person is suffering from stress, depression or anxiety issues, they are more prone to DID. However, the identification of this medical condition can be difficult, proper counseling and emotional support and the initial levels can prevent a patients’ depression from converting into multiple personality disorders.


Since this issue has a higher scope of existence in women, if you notice anything strange about any person, consider taking them to a qualified professional. Although there is no treatment as such to deal with this medical issue, all you can do is be supportive of the person.

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