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October 10, 2016

5 Reasons Why Hampi Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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Hampi, a village in the Northern Karnataka, was once the capital of Vijayanagar Empire a 14th-century empire. Today half of the place is in ruins which acquired the title of UNESCO World Heritage site and spreads across twenty-six kilometer of the place.

Hampi is also famously known as the backpackers paradise. It is a must visit place for a vacation or the perfect escape choice for a quick trip.

Hampi is divided into two parts with the Tungabhadra River flowing in between. At one side there are the ruins and temples. On the other side, there are breathtaking cultivation lands and rivers. The place can be reached via bus or train or car. The nearest railway station is Hospet thirteen kilometers away, and then you can catch a bus or an auto.

Though not easily accessible, we still recommend you visit Hampi once in your lifetime.

#1 The heavenly landscape

Hampi, the heavenly place with a stark contrast from other places! Beautifully created with natural rocks and landscape the place is where you feel a pure serenity.  On one side of the village, you will find mountains of rocks, temples, ruins and giant boulders. On the other side, Hampi offers a serene view of large plantations of banana and sugarcane, palm groves, paddy fields, a total exquisite view. With a blending of different colors and plantations, you will be spellbound and instantly fall in love with the place.  Rent a bike on arrival and roam the whole village and before sunset, climb any hill and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Hampi - heaven

#2 The rivers and lakes

One plus point for a trip to Hampi is the several lakes and rivers across the village. The most famous river is Tungabhadra River flowing between the banks of the village. One thrilling factor is that you have to cross the river to visit another half of the village and when there is a strong river current motor boats are not available. The option is the coracle boat; made of wood which can accommodate a maximum of nine people, scary but a fun experience! As you roam around you will notice several small lakes around offering the opportunity to take a dip in those and enjoy yourself.


#3 The Ruins and temple

Hampi which was once the Vijayanagar Empire where the royal ruled in the fourteen century is today a land of beautiful structural ruins and temples. Hampi has a great history in the Hindu mythology which still exists through the temples. Have the opportunity to visit the Badavilinga which is famous for preserving the largest linga in the village. Another famous temple is Virupaksha temple also known as Pampavathi temple famous for its grandeur of forty-nine meters high at the entrance and shrines of the erotic statues of Padma and Bhuvaneshwari. The famous ruin that visiting is a must is namely the stone chariot found at the Vittala complex. The lotus mahal at Zenana enclosure, this is preferable to visit in the evening, so that you can have a cool atmosphere in the evening and watch the sunset on the rocky landscape. There is also the Elephant stable found nearby the Zenana enclosure.


#4 The bazaars

Hampi is also popular for its bazaar and festivals. The bazaars are spread across the village in different areas. Most famous one is the Hampi bazaar. A must visit in the afternoon or after sunset. The place offers authentic handicrafts, clothes having the indo-western look along with traditional clothes. The bazaar also sells lip smacking evening snacks and tea where many visitors gather and have a small fest before dinner.

hampi bazaar

#5 The stay houses

One surprising thing about the village is the several stay over which you will find on the bank of river Tungabhadra. Being a village, the stay over is so fashionable and modern that Hampi seems like an alien village. They are decorated according to the modern trend with a ghetto touch. With amazing and very welcoming owners, the stayovers offer the real ‘home feeling’ atmosphere. It’s the only village where you will find people dancing around a bonfire at night and signing. Nights are so lively and musical that you feel like settling there or keep on visiting. The restaurants also serve a wide variety of dishes such as Indian, Chinese and continental respecting the high number of foreign visitor daily. What is surprising is the breakfast menu! Hampi is the place where you will get each European country’s breakfast is available.

Home stay

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