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August 12, 2016

5 Fun Card Games To Play With Family and Friends

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It’s pouring out or scorching; there are times when you don’t want to step out of the house. You just want to laze around and enjoy time with family. But after few hours of gossiping you may have nothing to do?! We have an idea! Every home has a pack of cards, doesn’t it? That’s it then! Here are 5 fun card games you can play with your family and have countless hours of fun.


The game of poker originated in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1929. According to the memoirs of English actor Joseph Cowell, this game was played by four men betting with a deck of 20 cards. It is believed that a poker player must possess qualities such as good probability, card counting theory and psychology.

Poker is among the fun cards games that involves betting. Each player must play individually and bet according to the worth of his card rank. Then the next player on his turn must bet either the same as the preceding one, more than him or just Fold. After the final betting round, the winner is judged by the value of his card by means of concealing his hand or Show, or if all the other players chose not to Call or Raise. In case all the players fold hands except one then the bidding player is declared the winner without showing his hand.


The second fun card games of our list is Blackjack. Blackjack, also called “Twenty-One“, is a game which was first referred to in ‘Rinconete Cortadillo’, one of the twelve short stories included in ‘Novelas Ejemplares’ written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes in 1601. Blackjack is the most widely played game in casinos all over the world and can be equally fun at home with your loved ones.

It only involves the player and the dealer and is played with one or more deck of cards. The player’s prime objective is to beat the dealer by either scoring 21 points on the first two cards without a dealer blackjack or by scoring more number of points in the end than the dealer provided the score is less than 21. In case of a tie, another deck is drawn and whoever first exceeds 21 points loses the game. Card 2 to 10 bear the same points as their numbers while the King, Queen and Jack bear 10 points and Ace bears either 1 or 11 depending on the player’s choice.


RUMMY is also called Sai Rummy or Basic Rummy. According to scholar David Parlett, it originated from the Mexican game ‘Confucian’.

The objective here is to build “Melds” by making “Sets” with three or more cards in sequence from the same suit. The deck is divided into two parts, one for distribution and one as stock. First part is distributed clockwise and face down among all the players.The stock is placed on the table to be drawn by the players as the game progress. Queen of Spades counts as 40 points, all the Aces count as 15, while the 10s and Face cards are 10 points. Remaining cards bear the points same as their numbers. The one who gets the highest points is the winner.


‘Crazy Eights’ as the name suggests has been derived from the military code called “Section 8” used for discharging mentally unstable soldiers. It is known by various names such as Crates, UNO, Last One, Pesten, Rockaway etc. It is a tactical Shedding-type card game. The objective is to finish all the cards in order to exhaust the pile. One deck of cards is used for 4 players and 2 decks for 5 or more players. The first player places a card facing up on the table. The next player has 5 different options – the same rank, same suit, a 8 and declare a different suit, a joker for which next player should play the card likewise to his own wish, or choose to draw from the piled of cards.


Now that’s an odd name, isn’t it? Haha! but it’s one of the fun card games! It has various other names like Bluff, 420 and Cheat. As the name suggests the player has to get rid of the cards by bluffing his card’s identity. One can use a single deck or multiple decks for this game and include the Jokers as wild or trump cards.The first player proceeds by placing one or more cards facing upside down on the table which is repeated by one player after the other until one of the decides to check. If the Cheat is called then the cards of the first player are revealed. If the call is found to be false, the rank of his cards i.e. he bluffed with the rank of his cards, then he has to keep the entire pile of the cards. In case the call wasn’t false, then the person who checks the cards keeps the pile. The objective here is to finish the cards before the rest of the players.

 Which of these fun card games are you going to play with your family and friends?

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