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June 18, 2016

5 Real Spooky Stories That Will Chill You To The Bone

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Spooky House

Some of us believe in paranormal activities, some of us don’t and some of us are just cynical. But sometimes, the stories are not just about a old-wrecked house with a ghost. There are some stories that will just send shivers down your spine and make you question humanity. These 5 spooky stories are real stories that were shared by individuals on Reddit.

#5 Paranormal Experience

An old friend of mine was living in our current apartment with us, and she told us that she has a ghost that follows her. Well we were skeptical. I always believed in ghosts, I just didn’t believe her. Well everyday when she would leave the door she would always come unhinged because we have a hook and eye latch on the 2nd bedroom. Then one night my mom’s cat came into my bedroom and he hopped on my bed. He was staring at the closet door then moved his head quickly like he was following something. His eyes went back to the closet door and it swung open. Craziest experience I have ever had. It was pretty awesome. It never scared me. I felt like it was friendly, it just took me by surprise.

#2 Strange Noises

There was one time I was alone in my bedroom and felt someone sat on my bed. I was wide awake so I knew it wasn’t a dream. The blankets even pulled down with it. Another time I was home with my three small children alone and a lantern we had hanging was swinging back and forth but no one had been near it. And then I heard strange rolling noises coming from my attic, like dozens of marbles rolling back and forth.

#3 Precog

I was five when it all started. I started dreaming about things, which eventually took place afterwards, I could see people and things my parents and sibling did not see. At first they thought I was lying but then one day I saw the holy priest sai baba in the mirror, it was in 2011 and I was 11 years old, I told them so and the next morning, in the news it said that he was dead. I have a picture of me in my childhood where there someone’s ghost floating above my head. When I was 13 I started talking in my sleep a language no one knew or could understand. I would sit in my sleep and talk and laugh. Once i even levitated in my sleep. I still see things and people no one else can and whatever dream i do it eventually come true. Recently i dreamt that a man was pleading to me to help him, he was telling me that he doesn’t live here and that they are drowning him. When i woke up, my mom told me that a man was found in a river not so far from where we live when i saw his face in the news, it was the same man. There is also this presence that always stays here, but i don’t feel anything negative about it. Some months ago I did an accident which should have been fatal, my helmet was off and I felt in the middle of the road, but I was alive and got out with only a cut on the feet and the position I was on the road was like someone had put me there in bridal style I felt no pain at all. Sometimes when I sleep I feel like there’s someone besides me. I can hear them talk to me too.

#2 I See Dead People

I have seen those who have passed, but usually cannot hear them. And it’s not all the time. It’s really strange and creepy. I never met my husband’s cousin but attended the funeral with him for support. I saw his dead cousin standing by his casket watching his brother make a tear-filled speech. I just kind of stared at him a bit freaked; he was shaking his head looking rather sad. Then he noticed me and he just scrunched his face like he was trying really hard to look at something. When my husband touched me to hold my hand, I looked away; when I looked back, he was gone. I also used to see our dead dog clear as day walk down the hallway, and a few others in my family.

#1 Youngest Serial Killer

An eight-year-old boy has killed in cold blood three babies — including his eight-month-old sister and nine-month-old cousin. The case came to light when a mother could not find her six-month-old daughter after leaving her asleep at a school in Musahari village. After a police search was done the child’s body was found buried nearby.

A few hours later, AmarjeetSada, who police claim suffers from psychiatric disorders, admitted that he had strangled her and led villagers to the spot where he had disposed the body.

NDTV, a news channel, showed pictures of Amarjeet outside the local police station. The child allegedly crushed the little girl to death with a stone and buried her body. He was arrested and appeared in court earlier this week.

“She was sleeping in the school. I took her a little away, and killed her with a stone and buried her,” he reportedly told police. Villagers claim Amarjeet is also responsible for the deaths of his sister and cousin but that the matter was hushed up.

The boy has been placed in a remand home in the nearby town of Munger. Under Indian law, a child cannot be sentenced to death or sent to prison, but can be detained at a children’s home until they turn 18.

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