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July 18, 2016

5 Rare Jobs For The Indecisive You

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With board results declared and school life coming to an end, we will see a fresh round of applications, panic and hustle as students run around to get into their favourite colleges and compete to get a seat rather than get wait listed.

Many of you will get taunted by your family members for not knowing what you desire to do even after school is over. Well let me tell you, it is completely normal for a student to not know what they want to do for a very long time. In fact colleges in the US follow a system where students are required to select their major only in their 2nd year, so they enjoy a plethora of subjects in their first year. Steve Jobs didn’t know what he was doing even while he failed away through college. He only kick started his career because of the extra calligraphy classes he took while being kicked out of classes.

With an advancement in technology, many jobs are coming up which might have been unheard of before, which is why streams other than medicine, engineer and business opened up. Thank God for that.

Here is a list of 5 jobs that might seem rare or interesting but are extremely well paying jobs:

#1 Chief Listening Officer
Just know that he might be keeping a watch while you’re having a conversation with your best friend on your Facebook wall. He is above a social media manager and his job is solely to keep an eye out for whatever is being said about his company or brand on social media. They are the reason why most criticized flaws get fixed faster.

#2 Food Stylist

If you are crazy about the way food must appear appetizing but can’t bear the smell of spices in the kitchen, then this is the job for you. All you have to do is use your creative and culinary skills to decorate whatever is there on the plate in front of you with whatever you desire, for close ups during advertisements and TV shows.

#3 Greensman
This is a category you might skip out while the credits scroll up after a movie. If you’re fond of plants and flowers, then this is an interesting job for you. All you are required to do is design and set up all the real and fake plants on a movie set for the movie scene to be shot. And that’s all.

#4 Parabolic Expert
Have you ever dreamt of flying in low gravity but too scared to be an astronaut? Then this might sound like a dream to you. Parabolic experts are required to teach astronauts to fly and move around in zero gravity and this is all done in aircrafts that simulate a zero gravity effect. Sounds pretty cool huh?

#5 Futurist
This person is both a researcher and visionary. All the person is required to do is predict. Might sound like an astrological business job to you. But basically you are required to analyse the present to predict the future and predict trends according to which decisions for future business endeavours are taken.

But just know this, that no matter what you end up doing with your career, just make sure that there is an aspect of it which you enjoy doing and you smile at the prospect of doing it better the next day!

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