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February 21, 2016

5 Quirky Ways to Wear A Saree For Your Farewell Party

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Desis just need an opportunity to wear saree. So is your farewell party round the corner and you’ve shopped for everything from the right sari to matching accessories but still have some confusions? Well abet the biggest confusion is often about how to wear saree so that it doesn’t look old school and brings out the chic and youthful you. But do not worry; we are here to help you get rid of this stress. Check out the latest styles and some easy ways that you can use to wear saree at your farewell.

#1 Double Drape your Saree for your Farewell Party

If you are looking for something chic style, elegant yet comfortable option, consider going for double drape option. This style would help you in covering the flab as well if you have any and help you look thin and tall. Choose a sari with a heavy border for this style and accentuate your looks to a completely different level.

#2 Mermaid Saree Style

If you are on the heavier side, this option of draping the sari will be perfect for you. These days you get saris designed in mermaid style or you can check out some videos as well that help you wear this mermaid style sari to look absolutely stylish and unique at your farewell.

#3 Butterfly Style of Saree

This is the most popular styles of draping a sari these days. You would see most of the Indian actors wearing their saris in this style these days. Flaunt your gorgeous waistline and sexy body by draping your sari in this style. Apart from being highly stylish, this is a very comfortable option as well to choose for your farewell party.

#4 Mumtaz Style/Retro Style

If you are having a retro or 70s style theme party, trying the looks and dressing style of the old actors would be a great option. However, one drawback with this style of sari draping would be that it will be very tight on your body and this can be a little uncomfortable. So try this option when you are absolutely sure of carrying this style and staying comfortable in it for a long time.

#5 Drape on a Legging/Palazzo

Quirky blouses, jackets, half sari draped on a legging are the latest trends that Bollywood is witnessing. Right from the top actors to the leading models, you would see this trend everywhere. This is basically a combination of style and sleek at the same time. So if you have the guts to try something new and plan to stand apart from the crowd, this is your style of draping yourself for your farewell.

Farewell would be a time of nostalgia. The happiness of moving out and sadness of leaving your dear ones is what you feel, all at the same time. Make this day special by looking your best and clicking many pictures to lock in memories for all your life. Remember this day will not come again so look your best by wearing the best sari in the most beautiful way and see the heads turning like never before.

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