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January 27, 2017

5 Popular YouTube Channels We Don’t Remember Anymore

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YouTube is an excellent marketing channel to engage with users. There are companies today that may not have a website but have a successful YouTube channel. Even Bollywood is using the power of YouTube. A lot of movie trailers are released on YouTube then on Television.

Over the years, there has been rise and fall of several YouTube channels. Let’s have a look at YouTube channels that conquered million hearts but sadly nobody remembers them now.

Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson started a YouTube channel in 2009 called “Equals Three“. He found viral videos and made fun of these videos. The channel became one of the most popular channels.

In 2014, Ray William Johnson stepped down as host and was replaced with Robbie Mots. Robbie Mots was soon replaced with Kadra Marin. However, the channel by then had lost its charm.

Dave Days

Dave Days started his own YouTube channel when he was in high school. His parodies on famous songs made him popular but his MSP was videos made on Miley Cyrus. His one video used to cross 52 million views. With bigger and better players coming into the picture saw a fall in YouTube channel. Now his video barely reached thirty thousand views.


If you are into the video game, ‘Call of Duty’, then chances are you may have heard of this YouTube channel. The channel used to troll children who were too young to play Call of Duty. The popularity of the channel helped it achieve two million subscribers. Channel saw its demise when the owner of the channel left the channel.


We don’t know what made Fred’s YouTube channel popular but his was the first channel on YouTube to get one million subscribers. The channel also got him his own show on Nickelodeon. However, once Nickelodeon cancelled his show, his YouTube channel also lost its charm.




xJawz was one of the original gaming channels on YouTube. 5 years back, everyone knew about this channel. Unfortunately, the success got into the head of the channel’s owner, Sam. He spent his hard-earned money on cars, house and drugs. He went broke and had to shut down the channel.

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