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April 5, 2016

5 Popular Transgenders Who Did Not Let Gender Inequality Pull Them Down

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It is not very uncommon to see people scorn on hearing the word “transgender”. Moreover, for reasons I’m unable to fathom, being called a transgender is considered extremely derogatory.

The transgenders form a marginalised section of our society. They have been neglected and looked down upon so much that most of them have adopted begging and entertainment as their lifestyle. Also, their social and financial conditions are not so strong. But some of them decided to cross these social barriers of gender discrimination and not get disheartened by the negativity that surrounds them. Now, even Supreme Court has lawfully given them the category of Third Gender.

Here is a list of transgenders who, with their dedication and talent, have committed themselves to the service of this country:

#1 Kalki Subhramaniam
Kalki has proved her merits by acquiring two master degrees- one in Journalism and Mass Communication and another in Intellectual Relations. She is a renowned journalist, a writer and she is also the founder of a community called “Sahodari Foundation” for transgenders. She also has a film to her name called “Narthaki – Life of transgender women“.

 #2 Madhu Bai Kinner
Initially a street performer and a fork dance artist who earned her income by performing in the trains, Madhu Bai Kinner, with her courage, determination and destiny, today is the Mayor of Raigarh district of Chattisgarh. At one point in her life, she was thrown out of her house because of her gender. Today she is an inspiration for transgenders as well as other people and has proved that nothing is impossible in this world if you have the will to achieve it.

 #3 Padmini Prakash
Padmini Prakash has been very talented from the beginning. From being a vocal artist, to a trained classical dancer and then winning the Miss Transgender Award, there has been no end to the list. Currently she is a prime time news anchor of a well-known news channel from Coimbatore called ‘Lotus News Channel’.

#4 Pastor Bharathi
Bharathi had a very traumatising young life. Having being shunned by the society, a sister from the local church took pity on her and took her in her shelter. At the age of twelve, Bharathi embraced Christianity. Have completed her Bachelor’s degree in theology, she is the first transgender Pastor who conducts baby showers and has also graced a marriage with her presence as a pastor. She is currently training another transgender to become a pastor. She is truly an inspiration to the world.

#5 Manabi Bandhapadhyay
She is currently an associate professor in Bengali in a college of Bengal and will soon be presiding as the principal of Krishnanagar Women’s College. She has also written a bestselling novel, “Endless Bonding with Hijras”.

While a lot of insensitive people are busy insulting and hurting the transgenders, transgenders, on the other hand, are dedicating their life to the service of the society and are being the real heroes that our country needs.

Featured Image Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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