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April 4, 2017

5 Popular Instagram Authors You’ll Fall in Love With

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Liv Armelle

Writers just manage to find a way for their work to be read, and for their wisdom to be shared. With the brand new portal for social interaction, Instagram, we got exposed to the world of pictures and that’s how we began appreciating art. Slowly and gradually, writers have begun to overtake the Instagram world. We see our pages sprawled with beautiful and witty quotes written by various writers, each one more enchanting than the other. Here is a list of some of the most talented authors that you can find on Instagram.–

#5 Christopher Poindexter

He flooded the Instagram pages with beautiful and soulful words and soon the audience was begging for more. He might be in his early 20s, but his wisdom is much beyond his words, as he sits with a glass of whiskey and peers over his typewriter to write down words to move every person out there. He is clearly one of everyone’s favourite. With over 281000 followers, he is sweeping the literary world off its feet.

#4 M Drake

His posts appeal to everyone as relatable as they seep into the darkest corners of our hearts and help us realize our inner feelings. RM Drake was the beginning of the trend of typewritten parchment papers with his name signed below. This 32-year-old young man has managed to enter the hearts of 983000 followers and the number constantly grows.

#3 Charles Bukowski

Bukowski was a literary genius and his words continue to move everybody even  today. This Instagram handle shares pictures and quotes of some of his best works which are relevant in any day and age.

#2 LivLately

Liv Armelle is blunt and honest and questions your beliefs so, that you begin to question your own self and your feelings. She writes beautifully as readers explore their own feelings and relate to her words as if they were written just for them.

#1 Lang Leav

Her book was No.1 on Amazon’s best sellers. Her feminine poetry has won hearts and awards alike. With over 70000 followers, Lang has managed to amuse everyone with her whimsical style of writing and also her prose and verses.


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